The NYC poop attacker exemplifies Democrat criminal justice failures

Lately, Americans have been made aware of the problems with the revolving door criminal justice system that operates wherever Democrats have had a hand in drafting the laws.  For example, the man who drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, killing six and injuring scores of others, had a lengthy rap sheet and almost no comparable prison time.  The man who smeared a woman with his feces in the New York City subway is the same type of criminal.  What makes him interesting is how he behaved in court for his arraignment and the result of that conduct.

Frank Abrokwa, 37, is accused of (and doesn't deny) smearing his feces all over a woman who was sitting waiting for a subway train:

Just before the attack, Abrokwa approached the victim and said, "Hey mami, how come you don't want to talk to me?," [Assistant DA] Phillips said.

"The complainant did not engage with the defendant," the ADA said. "Instead of taking the lack of engagement in stride, the defendant responded with violence. He walked into a nearby idling subway car and defecated in a bag."

"He then walked back to the complainant and repeatedly smashed the bag and left his feces in her face, head, neck, shoulders and back area. She had feces in her eyes, and hair. As he attacked, the defendant stated in sum and substance: 'Like this, b----?'"

The victim used her bag to shield herself but suffered a small bleeding cut inside her lip, and a swollen and red forehead, Phillips said.

The victims' physical injuries, thankfully, seem minimal.  I can't even imagine the psychological injuries.  By the way, since she spoke through a translator, I'm willing to bet she was Asian.

Image: Abrokwa's feces attack.  YouTube screen grab.

But what about Abrokwa?  Well, as I'm sure you guessed, he has a rap sheet a mile long, spanning the period from 1999 to 2022:

Abrokwa has 22 prior unsealed arrests dating back to 1999, and dozens of sealed arrests, according to authorities and police sources.

The busts include a Feb. 5 assault, when he slugged a Greyhound bus driver in the face at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, according to a criminal complaint and police sources.


Abrokwa allegedly punched another victim, a 30-year-old man, multiple times in the head on Jan. 7 at the 125th Street 2 and 3 train station in Harlem, according to cops and court papers.

With that kind of record, you may well ask why Abrokwa is on the streets.  The answer to that question can be summed up with his behavior immediately before and during his arraignment.  (And that doesn't even include what he said when police, to their credit, apprehended him: "S--- happens.  Haha.  This is a s----- situation.  Haha.")

When the assistant D.A. asked for a protective order for the woman he attacked, Abrokwa announced, "I don't know that b----."

That's bad, but worse was his approach to the judge herself.  Abrokwa whined to his attorney about "being mistreated by the system," and the judge warned him to show some respect.  Abrokwa snapped, "I'm being respectful.  I'm talking to my attorney.  You're talking to her.  Not to me.  F--- you, b----."

He should have instantly been locked up for contempt of court.  Instead, after all that, the judge freed Abrokwa without bail because the state's bail reform laws held that he was not bail-eligible.

Abrokwa then walked out of court and within hours went up to a Jewish man and announced, "F------ Jew, I'm going to kill you," after which he spat on the man and tried to punch him.  That statement, with nothing more, got him arrested for a hate crime.  Perhaps that will get him locked up.

Abrokwa is the embodiment of revolving door justice.  It doesn't matter what powers his engine, whether it be mental illness, substance abuse, sociopathy, or something else.  A civilized society needs this man taken off the street, but our Democrat-run criminal justice system just spits him out over and over again.

I do not support vigilante justice because I believe in due process, but I can perfectly understand the impulse that had Libs of Tik Tok suggest that criminals in America's Democrat-run cities get the treatment Ukraine citizens meted out to looters:

And just to give you a little idea about life in the New York subways, these are the people at least temporarily incapable of assault:

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