The New York Times finds Russia collusion in its own back yard

One of the things that makes life easy for true conservatives is that their principles are fixed, so they don't often get tripped up on their past stands.  That's not true for leftists, for whom the ends always justify the means, so the means can do a 180 in an instant.  When one enterprising New York Times reporter tried to attack Candace Owens as a Russian stooge for repeating Russian propaganda about Ukraine, Owens politely, and helpfully (very helpfully), explained that all her information about Ukraine came from...the New York Times.

Owens tweeted out the exchange, writing:

Received an email from The NYTimes asking for comment regarding me "advancing ideas that Ukraine is a corrupt country"—similar to Russian state TV.

I replied informing them that I actually got my ideas from the New York Times, and provided them links to their past articles. 😂

She included the receipts in the form of the email a New York Times writer sent to Owens stating, "We note that you advanced the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country, which matched comments we've seen from Russian state media."  Subtext: Gotcha!  You're a secret Russian asset.

Owens was equal to the task of responding to this missive:

I am very confused by this e-mail. I learned about 'the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country' from the New York Times. You guys have covered the corruption of Ukraine extensively, for years. As just one example, here is a piece from the NYT Editorial Board entitled, "Ukraine's Unyielding Corruption":

I educated myself about both the neo-nazi problem in Ukraine and the unyielding corruption by reading your newspaper, not Russian state media. Is there something specific I said that was different from what you guys have written in the past?

Boom!  And just to rub things in a little, Candace was kind enough to include a list of articles from other left-leaning publications discussing Ukraine's problems with corruption and neo-Nazis:

For more good measure — here are some more past articles written from reputable sources over the past few years about the corruption and neo-nazi problem in Ukraine. For clarity, are you now suggesting that what the western media covered extensively over the last few years is now just Russian propaganda? Are you suggesting all of these articles were sponsored by Russia state media? Again, I would love to provide you with a quote for your article, just want to be clear regarding what you mean when you say that I am advancing ideas that Ukraine was a corrupt country when in fact I got my ideas from your publication.

The listed articles came from such mainstream stalwarts as the Times, The Hill, The Daily Beast, and The Guardian, all of which are now banging the war drum.

The snarksters on the left immediately pointed out that the first Times article Candace cited was from 2016, before Zelensky came into office.  And once again, leftists learned it's a mistake to bring a little leftist toothpick to a fight with the well armed intellectual samurais on the right.  This time, it was Mike Cernovich who shot back with links to Guardian, WaPo, and Times articles from last October about Zelensky's corruption issues.

Jack Posobiec chimed in with a year-old Time Magazine video about the country's neo-Nazi problem:

By the way, this neo-Nazi issue was no surprise to Jews, who will never forget that, during WWII, the real Nazis were shocked at the ferocity with which Ukrainians slaughtered their Jewish neighbors.  And yes, the Ukrainians did elect as president a Jewish man, but Zelensky seems to be Jewish in a George Soros way — genetically but not religiously, ethically, culturally, or emotionally:

He has described his childhood as an "ordinary Soviet Jewish upbringing," which has been taken to mean that the family was not religiously observant, as was common under the repressive Communist regime. "I never speak about religion and I never speak about God because I have my own personal opinion about it," he has said. "Of course, I believe in God. But I speak with him only in those moments which are personal for me." He has described himself as a Ukrainian "with Jewish blood." According to press reports, the two children he has with his non-Jewish wife — Olena Zelenska, a former schoolmate — have been baptized. 

What's clear to anyone who pays attention is that Ukraine is a corrupt country at the highest levels.  (And for some reason, American politicians just love it there — e.g., these senators.)

What's also quite clear is that Putin has become a paranoid megalomaniac who seems happy to bomb a civilian population into oblivion, along with threatening the world with a nuclear war.  Neither country is worth our blood and money...except that Putin is truly the baddie in all this, and, in addition to slaughtering civilians, he's risking destabilizing NATO, in which we in America have a longstanding and direct interest.

Here's Candace on Tucker discussing the exchange:

Image: Candace Owens on Tucker.  Fox News screen grab.

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