Sarcastic sympathy for Psaki: Two gaffes, one day, and getting more and more like boss Biden

Like president, like spokesweasel.

Joe Biden has relied on Jen Psaki to articulate his gaffes and gibberings for him as White House spokeswoman, but now that she's a year into the clean-up, she, too, is starting to make gaffes as he does.

She made two yesterday, including:

...which, on Twitter, called to mind that other time Joe Biden didn't have time for those 13 service members who died as a result of his failure to plan properly for the U.S. pull-out from Afghanistan.

Seems old Joe has no time at all for these troops whose lives he's asked to give for their country, none whatsoever.  It's quite a pattern for him.

Victory Girls has some excellent analysis of the backstory around that here.

And speaking of patterns, let's take a look at what Jen had to say about patterns and old Joe:

It immediately called to mind something most Americans are already thinking, according to this poll — that the Russian attack on Ukraine would not have happened at all on President Trump's watch, because Trump scared Vladimir Putin.  Such attacks happen only under Democrat presidents because Putin knows there's nothing to fear.  Putin makes his imperial power-grabs only during their presidencies.  As Legal Insurrection's Mary Chastain put it:

Psaki Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Biden ‘was Vice President the Last Time Russia Invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern”‘

Yes, it’s quite a pattern, Psaki. Quite a pattern indeed!

She notes:

Oh, sweet summer child. A lot of us remember. A lot of us remember you as the State Department’s press secretary. A lot of us remember Obama putting Biden in charge of America’s role in helping Ukraine weed out corruption.

A lot of us remember Biden’s angelic son Hunter sitting on the Burisma board during that time.

We remember this delightful photo of you with Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Pink is not a flattering color on you, Psaki. Same for me as well.

Lavrov is one of those cronies.

Russia invaded eastern Ukraine and set up troops on the border. Russia annexed Crimea with a sham referendum. A few of us have never forgotten what happened in 2014. A few of us continued to read about Ukraine’s fight against Russia since 2014.

This is one thing I hate about culture. No attention span. When something becomes static it loses its luster so the mainstream media drops it to the bottom of the barrel.

The media doing that allows people like Biden and Psaki to act like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is all brand new and happening because of Trump.

Both of these statements call to mind the many disgraces of the Biden presidency after its first year. 

The first job of any public relations specialist, as Psaki is, is to make one's boss look good, to say, "look, over here," when a smoldering outhouse is stinking up the joint from over there.  Psaki is doing the opposite of that, inadvertently calling to mind Joe Biden's many failures.

There must be a reason for this, and I'll offer one theory for why Psaki is suddenly making so many gaffes: there's no "over here" left anymore — Biden has turned everything he's touched to bilge, and Psaki simply can't avoid bringing up Biden's failures anymore because they are all over.

What a hideous job to have to clean up after that, and all one can think is that if Psaki has any brains at all, she might be subliminally at least thinking of getting out.  Cleaning up Joe Biden's messes is a job for a super-janitor, and Psaki is simply getting sucked under by the mass of them.  She's becoming as gaffe-y as he is, and it's a pattern.

Image: CNBC via YouTube screen shot.

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