Squad member Rep. Cori Bush: 'We can't be afraid of saying defund the police'

Freshman representative Cori Bush (D-Mo.) is giving heartburn to Nancy Pelosi and the other bosses of the Democrat party who understand that their real agenda has to be kept hidden from the public.  Bush is a radical BLM-supporter who defeated a ten-term veteran congressman, Lacy Clay, in a primary upset and went on to win the general election in a safe Democrat district that includes the city of St. Louis and northern suburbs.  This is exactly parallel to the career trajectory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And like Sandy Cortez, Cori Bush feels free to speak her mind, knowing that she has already defeated the party bosses.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, a Black-oriented syndicated radio program, Rep. Bush created a video segment that will be of great assistance to Republican candidates.  It's less than 30 seconds, perfect for video ads.

Here is the transcript, courtesy of The Right Scoop:

But we also cannot be afraid to talk about what Defund The Police means. You know we cannot, and that's my issue.

It's like, you know, the anger cannot be, you know, 'oh defund the police makes people ... it pushes people back ... it makes people feel a type of way ... we don’t want to say that ... you know because the Republicans are coming against us'.

NO! They don't get to tell us what our message is! Fix the problem and then I won't have to say Defund The Police.

Thanks, Cori.  You tell 'em, sister.

Photo credit: Rumble video screen grab.

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