Since Mask Mandates Dropped, How about Vax Mandates Next?

Masks, the visible banner showing your support for the official narrative, were dropped in blue states this month.  As COVID spread like wildfire, masks proved ineffective, and people wondered if the restrictions were necessary.  Mask mandates represent tyranny, because  masks fail to improve public health, and their legal authority is tenuous.  Vaccine mandates fail the safety and legal test, and they also fail patient autonomy and informed consent laws.

Although violating patient autonomy laws is framed as pitting greater welfare against individual freedom, COVID vaccines don't prevent infection or stop transmission.  Therefore, getting vaccinated protects only the person vaccinated without improving public safety.  By definition, mandatory vaccines violate informed consent by not being voluntary.

Informed consent requires voluntary agreement with medical procedures with full disclosure of risks, benefits, and alternatives.  In the current climate of censorship of vaccine harms and threats to physicians' licenses for prescribing off-patent drugs like ivermectin, informed consent isn't possible.  We now learn that the Biden administration paid news media up to $1B to provide exclusively positive coverage of the vaccine.  Because of TheBlaze's FOIA request, we learned that HHS spent taxpayer dollars for a massive media campaign where negative vaccine stories were banned — while major news networks, cable news, digital media, and local news failed to disclose their funded biased reporting.  When all patients are told that the vaccine is "safe and effective," with alternative views labeled COVID misinformation, informed consent isn't possible.  

The vaccine narrative is hard to follow due to shifts when the U.S. population clearly witnesses breakthrough infections, waning efficacy, and hundreds of soccer players collapsing on the field.  CDC director Rochelle Walensky strayed at least three times from the official COVID narrative by saying vaccinated people cannot spread COVID, the CDC recommends COVID vaccines for pregnant women, and schools can safely reopen without vaccinating teachers. 

Three weeks ago, the CDC admitted to withholding data collected on COVID hospitalizations by age and vaccination status.  Although they released data showing the efficacy of booster shots in those over age 50, 18- to 49-year-old data (and efficacy) were not published.  Since January marked a date when college-mandated boosters took effect and booster shots were approved for those 12 and up, the data would help decision-making and informed consent.  New York state data show that Pfizer efficacy for children ages  5–11 dropped from 68% to 12% during the omicron surge.  By shielding data, most assume that those under 50 are unlikely to benefit from the booster shot — and the CDC can push boosters for young people while covering up the data.  If the CDC would instead release hospitalization and co-morbidity data, high-risk patients most likely to benefit from the vaccine might get vaccinated.  The "noble lie" misinformation will backfire.

The FDA also tried to suppress Pfizer vaccine approval documents for 75 years until forced by a judge to release all data by September 2022.  While 55,000 pages will take time to review, initial reports include nine pages of adverse effects and 1,200+ fatalities in a 3-month period.

Without the official data, Americans rely on data from other countries.  Increased myocarditis in young males and teens surfaced by studying Israeli data and VAERS.  The DOD military database finds a 300% increase in cancer, 1,000% increase in neurological diseases, 269%+ increase in clots (heart and pulmonary), and 300% increase in miscarriages. Preliminary Pfizer documents show significant adverse event reporting and no independent oversight.  By suppressing data, trust in public health is eroding.

Both mRNA vaccines received full FDA approval to allow for mandates, yet a legal twist allows distribution of the Emergency Use Authorization product to protect Pfizer/Moderna from liability to vaccine harms.  So long as we remain in a state of federal public health emergency, the PREP Act limits liability for death or serious injury caused only by "willful misconduct."  Pfizer signed more stringent contracts with the U.K., Israel, Brazil, and Albania relieving them of indemnity against vaccine adverse effects, civil claims, and all losses as well as payment for doses independent of distribution delays.  Pfizer's excessive demands led to contract failures with Argentina, and India would not approve the vaccine without local safety and immune bridging studies.  The falling efficacy and increasing reports of clots, reproductive harm, and myocarditis may also reduce vaccine demand.

The Canadian Truckers for Freedom Convoy rolled across Canada and shut down Ottawa to protest COVID mandates — joined by many Canadians who support trucking's "essential workers" who freely crossed the closed border for two years moving needed supplies.  Although the Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that 85–90% of Canadian truck drivers and 60% of U.S. truck drivers would not be affected by the mandates, Canadians stood peacefully protesting for freedom.  The Freedom Convoy blocked key border crossings and held rallies in major cities, resulting in auto manufacturing delays.  Ultimately, four provinces lifted mandates in Canada, and Trudeau declared a state of emergency to penalize its supporters.

The official narrative from public health was lockdown until the vaccine became available and then vaccinate everyone to achieve herd immunity.  The problem was that the vaccine didn't prevent spread, and animal hosts provide an unlimited reservoir of infection.  The face masks were added as a visual reminder of the deadly pandemic and to instill fear.  Now that the masks and vaccines prove ineffective in preventing transmission and masks have dropped, can we drop the vaccines?  Are Americans done with abridgement of freedom  and government lies — enough to overcome the elite's power, control, and money coming from the vaccines?

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