Russians have been crossing into America from Mexico

President Biden is more worried about Russians crossing their border with Ukraine than he is about the Russians crossing our border with Mexico.

The problem with America's porous southern border and an unfinished wall to serve as a deterrent is the inability to know who has entered into the United States.  Other than wanting to get into America without following the legal process, we know nothing about the countless illegals who are already here, including rough estimates that are close to accurate.

Border Patrol drone video of unknown illegals crossing the border.

Most people who cross illegally may be decent and simply want to take care of their families as best they can.  Then there are those unknowns from all over the world who are not decent and have no honorable intentions.  Without a means to identify people coming across the border illegally, there may very well be war criminals and other bad actors hiding from their own people.

Several outlets have reported Russians being found at the southern border — not a small number, but thousands with no way to know how many Russians are in America illegally.  The cartels deliver without question anyone who will pay.

On January 30 of this year, Business Insider had an article by Sarah Al-Arshani, "The US southern border saw a growing number of migrants from Russia, Ukraine, and other distant countries last month."  She stated: "In December, over 2,000 Russians and 300 Ukrainians made their way to the border. Axios reported most of them had either arrived or were found at a legal port of entry in San Diego, California."

This is over 2,000 Russians at a single port of entry who were caught, compared to how many at other points in last December alone who made it into the United States?  There are several unverified stories about Russian saboteurs who were already in Ukraine before Russia invaded, which is certainly in line with Putin's history.

The Russians who are currently in the United States illegally are an unknown threat — not just the potential added ranks to the Russian mob, one of the most brutal organized criminal organizations in the world, if not the worst, but Russian saboteurs as well.

Ukraine has been invaded, again, under another Democratic president who will do nothing, just like Obama with Crimea.  If sanctions worked, there would have been no invasion a second time, and Crimea would have returned to Ukraine.  What are new sanctions going to do to Putin?  Same thing as the old: absolutely nothing.

If there are enough saboteurs in place and the Russian mob supplying weapons, we could be busy fighting an enemy from within and without.  An attack on American power grids would be devastating to the country and an easy target with the right military hardware in place.

That is just one of the numerous potential targets that could easily be attacked by Russian saboteurs, who are most likely already in the United States.  Motivated individuals have carried out devastating attacks against America in the past through military or terroristic actions and will do so in the future.

Considering the weakness of Biden, God help all Americans if it happens during his presidency.

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