Project Veritas has another mind-boggling video of a NY Times reporter

A couple of days ago, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released a video in which The New York Times' Matthew Rosenberg, an investigative reporter, savaged his own paper's (and his) dishonesty about January 6, as well as speaking disparagingly about his fellow reporters on the ground that day.  Now Project Veritas and Rosenberg are back.  This time, in addition to admitting that the infamous "Trump pee tape" doesn't exist, Rosenberg had some keen insights about the way in which the "crazier leftist" woke mentality is affecting the quality of the paper's reporting.  I wonder how long he'll have a job after this.

If you haven't yet seen it, you can find the first Project Veritas video about Matt Rosenberg here.  It's worth five minutes of your time to understand how the mainstream media pursue their agenda regardless of the known facts.  It also brings you face to face with one seasoned reporter's view of the woke journalism school grads who are taking over America's newsrooms.  They're much worse than you even imagined.

In this, the second undercover video — a classic honeypot sting that sees Rosenberg boasting to an unseen, unnamed young woman — Rosenberg has a lot more to say about his fellow journalists and how they're laying waste to the newsroom.  Before touching on them, the most significant point he makes is about the so-called "pee tape" that allegedly showed Trump watching prostitutes whom he'd paid to urinate on a bed in Moscow in which Obama had once slept.  According to Rosenberg, he works with government officials to create fake stories to generate excitement in the national media, stories such as the so-called pee tape: "It involved CIA and NSA.  It involved Trump and involved that ridiculous, like, 'pee tape,' which, of course, doesn't exist."

Image: Matthew Rosenberg.  YouTube screen grab.

Since we've always known that the pee tape was a hoax, the confession, while pleasing in that it confirmed what we knew, is actually less interesting than what Rosenberg has to say about the up-and-coming generation of so-called journalists.  He describes young people who have been indoctrinated in college, are obsessed with race and sex, treat the real world as if they're in a social media bubble, and have become tyrants in the newsroom, inexorably pushing coverage increasingly farther left.

Again, this confirms what we've already realized, but it's validating to hear it from someone who is himself a leftist and sees the madness from the inside.  What's also interesting is that Rosenberg, when O'Keefe asked him to comment on the footage, said he "absolutely" stands by it.

Incidentally, Rosenberg shouldn't be given props for his honesty.  Knowing that the stories he reports are often lies and that the people he works with are emotionally damaged, crazy ideologues doesn't stop him.  He clearly enjoys his perch at the Times, including his role as the wise old man who observes the insanity about him but keeps churning out articles that get others in the American media excited:

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