Planned Parenthood's bizarre promotion of abortion at the ultra-hip SXSW festival in Austin

Planned Parenthood obviously has more money than it knows how to spend well.  Abortion on a mass scale is quite lucrative, of course, and those who profit from it by definition have a warped sense of humanity.  Abortion fanatics can be very generous donors, anxious to see as many babies killed as possible, for reasons I cannot begin to fathom.

But the latest effort by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the political affiliate of the abortion mill, bespeaks a mentality that doesn't seem to grasp what abortion actually does: kill children.

Behold the vehicle deployed at SXSW in Austin, Texas:

It is hard to think of an ice cream truck like this without imagining a crowd of children drawn to it by its recorded jingle broadcast over loudspeakers.  Such trucks are a fondly remembered feature of many childhoods.  Ice cream trucks and children are paired in the minds of most people.

Based on the sign at the front of the truck, I guess the intent here is to convey the idea that limiting abortion as the Texas Legislature recently has done is "cold."  Because women seeking to extinguish the life growing within them are disappointed when they can't do so conveniently?

But what about the children who will never be born and never rush outdoors upon hearing the ice cream truck jingle, their happy voices and excited laughter never to be heard?  Normal people almost automatically would think of that when connecting an ice cream truck with abortion.

Perhaps it is different among the kind of people who attend SXSW?

South By Southwest (SXSW) has, in its 25 years of existence, become one of the premier film, music, and cultural festivals in the world, a place where those who pride themselves on being in the avant-garde go to preen and revel in their hipness.  After two years of virtual existence online due to COVID, it has resumed in-person operations.  

I can only be amazed at the mentality behind this stunt.  But then again, profiting from abortion is something I cannot understand, either.

Hat tip: Blaze Media.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab.

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