One damn book after another

Let me warn you. There is no magic bullet in One Damn Thing after Another, the new book by former A.G. William Barr.  Why do I say that when I have not read the book?  Because we have seen this movie before.

The strategy is so obvious.  First, you write a book.  Second, your publisher drops a few juicy bits about your relationship with President Trump.  Last, but not least, thousands read the book, only to find that former A.G. Barr will vote for President Trump in 2024 if he is the nominee.  Good luck trying to sell your used copy on Amazon.

Mr. Barr went on NBC and said little.  This is a sample of the interview with Samantha Guthrie.  She was asking about Mr. Barr voting for President Trump the next time around:

BARR: Because I believe the greatest threat to the country is the progressive agenda being pushed by Democrats, it's inconceivable to me I wouldn't vote for the GOP nominee

GUTHRIE: Even if he lied about the election and threatened democracy, better than a Democrat?

Yes, he'd rather vote for Trump than a Democrat.  Why?  Because he thinks the Democrat left-wing agenda is a bigger threat to the nation than having the guy who hates to lose back in the Oval Office.  In fact, according to the NBC interview, Mr. Barr was on board with the Trump administration until he reacted to the election results.

Honestly, what a missed opportunity.  William Barr is a good man who served two presidents.  He has so much to say about so many things.  So he retires from public service by writing another book about President Trump.

Enjoy the book, but don't expect to find the smoking gun.

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Image: HarperCollins.

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