New York City health official reduces White women to asexual incubator status

Leftists are still banging the gong about the fact that medical care in America is inherently racist because Blacks have poorer outcomes than Whites do.  No one is allowed to contemplate that there might be cultural factors (eating habits, substance abuse, teen pregnancies) or even significant Vitamin D deficiency resulting from the fact that those Blacks who work indoors are not getting enough sun.  It's racism, end of story.  Nobody is further onboard that out-of-control Mack truck smashing its way through society than Michelle Morse, New York City's first "chief medical officer" in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Morse's trajectory is the medical equivalent of Michelle Obama's, Kamala Harris's, or Ketanji Brown Jackson's rise in the legal field: relatively affluent background, Ivy League schools, and a swift ascent.  (In this, they are unlike Ben Carson, one of the world's premier neurosurgeons; Clarence Thomas, one of America's greatest Supreme Court justices; and Thomas Sowell, one of America's greatest economists.  Each of these men had to overcome broken homes, poverty, and true systemic racism.)

In Morse's case, she was raised in a working- to middle-class home (a parent who was a public school teacher), and then got degrees from the University of Virginia, the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Harvard School of Public Health.  To her credit, she did work in third-world countries (Botswana, Guatemala, and Haiti), but, having seen these benighted places, she returned to America convinced that Marxism was the answer.  The following is from her Wikipedia bio (endnotes and hyperlinks omitted; emphasis added):

[S]he co-founded EqualHealth in 2011, a Non-governmental organisation that "aims to inspire and support the development of Haiti's next generation of healthcare leaders through improving medical and nursing education and creating opportunities for growth amongst health professionals." Some of the activism Morse is involved with through EqualHealth includes the Campaign Against Racism (CAR) that she co-founded with Camara Jones, past president of the American Public Health Association. It is a network of 23 chapters in 10 countries, with 250 active members, "uncovering racial capitalism and reimagining a future where sociocultural, political and economic systems work towards health equity, rather than against it." These efforts were supported by a $100,000 grant from the Soros Equality Fellowship in 2018.

A year ago, in an op-ed Morse wrote with Bram Wispelwey, M.D., the duo argued that systemic racism in the medical system requires "a proactively antiracist agenda for medicine."  You won't be surprised to learn that this antiracist agenda requires explicit racism, which relies heavily on "the field of critical race theory."  The whole wordy, pompous article boils down to this: the cure for systemic racism in medical care is generalized reparations, along with racial preferences in hospital admissions and treatments for non-Whites.  (This demand, aside from being racist, is unconstitutional.)

Image: Michelle Morse (with added text) by KineticStudios.  CC BY-SA 4.0.

With those credentials, it's scarcely surprising that, in her role as chief medical officer for the city of New York, Morse is completely on board with all the racial and gender madness emanating from the left.  That fealty to the madness comes through loudly and clearly in a series of tweets she wrote saying the city needed to hire "doulas" for minority "mothers" to keep alive babies at the same rate as those born to White "birthing people" (hat tip The Western Journal):

If you follow the trajectory of this noxious misogyny and racism, you see that, in the second tweet, Morse refers generally to "the birthing person."  Here's a tip for this credentialed person: the only people capable of growing babies inside them have XX chromosomes, ovaries, and uteruses.  For tens of thousands of years, across the world, in whatever language is spoken, they are "women."  If they have a baby, they become "mothers," a word that adds a positive emotional element to a biological reality.

In the fourth tweet, this product of modern medical training refers again to "birthing people."  This clanging, awkward phrase is so insulting, for it strips from women something absolutely unique to them: they grow babies.  While not all XX chromosome people with ovaries and uteruses (as well as functional mammary glands) can or choose to grow a baby, no human with XY chromosomes, a penis, and testicles has ever done so or will ever do so.

By the fifth tweet, though, a moment of racism breaks through the generalized misogyny:

The urgency of this moment is clear. Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people.

Suddenly, Black and Puerto Rican woman who have babies get called by their real, emotionally charged, and culturally positive designation: mothers.  They are women who have grown and nurtured a child.  Meanwhile, White people remain relegated to a weird, non-sexual incubator status.

No matter what Morse's credentials are, she is not a doctor — that is, if you define "doctor" in the time-honored 20th-century way as someone who seeks to cure the human body's ills or help its biological processes without doing harm.  Anyone who looks at patients and sees only skin colors and who is utterly incapable of understanding purely sex-based attributes is a racist, misogynistic sick puppy, not a true health care provider. 

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