Moderate Dem quits Congress in disgust, denouncing 'rainbows and unicorns'

With the Squad, the greenie lobby, the teachers' unions, and the open borders industrial complex calling the shots in the Democrat party these days, it's obviously no picnic to be a moderate member of the Democrats in Congress.

That is why 31 of them are leaving, most fully aware that a red wave is coming.  But perhaps more important, albeit less well known, is that many of them are angry at how the crazed Democrats have treated them.

Here's the latest exit, described by the Daily Caller:

Retiring Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy called out Democratic leadership for repeatedly siding with the left flank of the party against moderate members during a Friday interview.


A frequent critic of the "Squad" and other left-wing Democrats, Murphy has complained about a "toxic" environment with "plenty of Dem-on-Dem violence." She directly blamed party leadership for that atmosphere in the interview.

"You can't promise rainbows and unicorns when you know that you don't have the votes for it. Because the difference between rainbows and unicorns and political reality is going to be disappointment and anger," she said.

These are mean characters.  But, perhaps even more noteworthy in Murphy's remarks, they pretty well negate the work of being a legislator, which includes reading bills and debating ideas, in favor of making Democrats into a Soviet-style or Venezuelan-style rubber-stamp parliament, obedient to the party line or else.

Here is where the story gets really juicy:

Murphy, a co-chair of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, speculated that congressional leaders direct left-leaning interest groups to advocate for their specific positions and browbeat moderates. She noted her experience receiving criticism for her vote to support Kate's Law, a bill that increased prison sentences for illegal immigrants [sic] found re-entering the country, as well as her lukewarm support for the Build Back Better social spending package.

"A lot of these outside groups that purport to represent a specific interest are just an extension of leadership. Instead of purely focusing on their issue area," she told Politico's Rachael Bade.

Which is a helluva crappy way to treat legislators of any kind.

We have noted the big presence of special interest groups, such as the green lobby, the illegals lobby, assorted crime and social justice warrior groups, and corporate enthusiasts, involved in the writing of legislation, which is bad enough.  The humongous sizes of these bills are a perfect reflection of the scope of the problem because nobody has time to read the bills before voting on them.  And now that appears to be by design.

But Murphy brings up a particularly ugly detail showing the depths to which this has been taken:

"We had environmental groups that were calling us before the legislation text for the Build Back Better Act had been put out, calling us saying, "If you don't support that, we are going to delist you,'" she added. "They couldn't define it specifically because nobody had seen the text. But we had the text for the infrastructure bill and not a peep out of them advocating for that."

So the crazed leftists and money-grubbing lobbyists, who haven't even been elected to office, write the bills, then tell the Democrats to vote for them or else.  Not only do they yank funds from campaigns, but if moderates don't play ball and march in lockstep with them, they primary dissenters in order to get the puppets in place that will serve them:

Murphy also noted the large amount of money Democratic interest groups have spent against moderate members of the party. Outside groups have spent more than $424,000 against frontline Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, according to OpenSecrets. Murphy herself beat back a 2018 primary challenge from an American Civil Liberties Union attorney endorsed by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is incredibly ugly stuff.  Who'd want to be a Democrat representative with that kind of garbage going on?  They can't write the bills, and they can't read the bills, and if they ask any questions, try to make changes, or balk in any other way, they get primaried.  The only thing they are allowed to do is vote "yes" on any crazed crap the Squad and its radical left-wing lobby allies put out.  Defund the police?  Go for it.  Bankrupt Big Oil?  Yep.  Open borders?  Totally.

We know that these bills that have been passed are not popular with the public.  We also know that the crazies seem to be running the show among the ruling Democrats.  Now we see a new dimension to the scope of the problem, which is making life particularly miserable for moderates, whose game is to balance interests rather than grab cash and "transform" the country.

Murphy has described an interesting phenomenon explaining why moderate Democrats are so frustrated (remember the Spanberger tape?) and why the Democrats have swung so far left.  It's too bad we can't hear more from her, it may be that this affects Republicans in a parallel way, too.  It certainly seemed to be what was happening during the Bush II years.  President Trump undoubtedly upended much of it.  But as it is, it explains why the Democrats can't find good people anymore, and why their party has swung so far left.  They've basically sold their souls to lobbyists and activists.  No wonder the big red wave seems so inevitable.  Perhaps Murphy can find a political home on the red side.  She ought to consider it.

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