Michael Madigan carried on his corruption in Illinois, and the press averted its eyes

King Madigan of Illinois is finally in trouble.  What took so long?

Here is the headline: "Former IL House speaker Michael Madigan indicted on racketeering, bribery, more."

Here in Illinois, it is hard to imagine how many people were beneficiaries of Madigan's political favors  (kickbacks) and how many people participated in paying bribes to Madigan to get political favors in his over 30 years as speaker and fifty years in office.

There is no way Democrats throughout Illinois didn't know of the no-show jobs and other political favors he handed out, so they were complicit in the corruption.

If journalists had any desire to root out corruption, they would have been able to find it.

Madigan had control of everything in the House yet handed out chairmanships like candy to people who supported him.  As chairman, they got raises and bigger pensions, so the taxpayers were screwed.

Whenever citizens of Illinois got enough signatures to get referenda on the ballot for independent legislative maps, or term limits, Madigan had judges who would say the referenda were invalid.

We couldn't allow the people to have the power.

Politicians in Illinois and throughout the country frequently pass limits on what the public can give to candidates.  What they never limit is what politicians like Madigan can give to other politicians because they are special.  They crave power.

It is probably incalculable how much taxpayers, utility payers, and others had to pay due to Madigan's and others' criminal schemes to enrich themselves.  Illinois has a constitutional provision to balance the budget, yet in Madigan's fifty years in office, Illinois ran up more than $100 billion in actual debt and well over $100 billion in unfunded liabilities.  Abuse of power is extremely expensive...to others.

This brings up the role of the lapdog press not acting as a watchdog.

The media have known for years about how many kickbacks the Clintons and their foundation doled out and don't care.

They know how many laws Hillary broke with her private server and don't care.

They know how many women the Clintons physically and mentally abused and don't care.

Why is careerist, corrupt Hillary treated as a viable candidate for president and treated as a reliable news source?  Remember this?

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation amid Russian Uranium Deal

The media have also known for years how Joe Biden lined his family's pockets with kickbacks for years from foreign sources.  They not only don't care but also intentionally bury stories to hide the truth from the public when they campaign for him and his leftist agenda.

The corrupt Obama administration, the Obama-Biden Justice Department, the EPA, and the CFPB shook down corporations and handed kickbacks to liberal groups who supported them and their leftist agenda.

Most of the media not only don't care but also pretended that the Obama-Biden administration was scandal-free as they intentionally misled the public.

My educated guess is that the media would have had a collective cow if Trump had slush funds and gave kickbacks to conservative groups.  There would have been wall-to-wall coverage.

The media might spot the rampant lawlessness and corruption if they didn't spend so much time targeting Trump and regurgitating talking points to promote the leftist agenda to destroy America.

Trump must have been pretty clean in 2016 if the DNC and Hillary campaigns had to resort to paying over $10 million to a foreign national to create a fictional document to destroy him.

Image: Screen shot from WGN video, posted on shareable YouTube.

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