Man up, Joe

Joe Biden seems both surprised and angry at his low popularity and the unpopularity of his programs.  There are many factors contributing to his current plight, but the biggest, the elephant in the room, is the fact that many Americans have lost trust in their government.  The motto for 2022 might be "In God, we trust; in our government, not so much."

I imagine Joe thinks he is a warm, affable guy deserving the respect and love of a grateful nation.  How is that working out so far, Joe?

One of Biden's predecessors, Harry Truman, had a slogan on his desk that read, "The buck stops here."  Truman understood that as president, he was the leader of America.  If problems troubled America during his administration, Americans would expect him to do something to fix them.

Biden's approach has been different.  The motto on his desk might read, "The buck starts here."  Biden loves to blame others for America's problems, but he doesn't understand that the job he has wanted for most of his adult life comes with baggage, lots of baggage.  Getting the job is one thing; succeeding in that job is a whole other proposition.  If Joe hopes to succeed at the job he wanted so much, he must accept the territory that comes with the job and get to work.

Right now, for example, many Americans blame Joe for inflation, high crime, and his not-so-secret plan to flood America with illegals.  To make matters worse, Putin's war on Ukraine has exacerbated the mess in Joe's inbox.

I just can't imagine Abraham Lincoln trying to spin his way through the Civil War.  I can't see him escaping to Rehoboth Beach every weekend while his country is at war with itself.  Biden and his handlers seem to think they are so smart that they can spin out of any situation.  As long as they mouth the right good intentions, they think we will be satisfied.

Image: Joe Biden (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

Good intentions will not fill our gas tanks or put food on our tables.  Good intentions will not pay down our debt of over 30 trillion dollars.  Having a Cabinet that looks like America is nice, but we also expect those people to be capable problem-solvers.  We do not need problem-punters.

At his inauguration, Joe promised to unite the country and to work with Republicans.  His record, so far, does not jive with his pledges.  He seems to be doing a Joe Biden impersonation of Bernie Sanders.  There is an old saying in the military: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."  Things are not going as he planned.  He needs to adapt to what is in front of us.

One more thing, on a personal note.  I can't speak for others, but I worry he has hidden agendas.  When I look at all the illegals coming over the border, for example, it appears that he is doing everything he can to encourage illegal immigration.  I know he is not the only Democrat in favor of that, but he is the leader right now.  How can we trust him if he has secret plans to change this country?

When I look at all the damage China has done to the world recently and I hear not one word of China criticism from him, I wonder where his heart is.  The idea behind our government is that We the People trust our leader to take care of us.  As I look over what he has done since January 2021, I feel as though he is a hijacker instead of a president.

Someone should remind Biden that respect is a two-way street.  He should stop listening to the spinners.  If he wants our respect, he should respect us.  He should go on a listening tour if he must but really listen.  We may not be the smartest people on Earth, but we are not stupid.  He has the job he wanted so much.  He should surround himself with capable people who know how to fix problems and act as if his legacy depends on it, because it does.

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