Kamala Harris begins to sound like a Saturday Night Live parody of herself

After seeing what a real leader looks like — in Ukraine — we return to our regularly scheduled clown show back in Washington.

This brings us to Kamala Harris, who was introduced by Jill Biden as "President Harris" (a joke, of course) ahead of President Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday. 

She came out to speak, and, well, see if you disagree with the guy who created this tweet: 

She does sound like a parody of herself — flip, sarcastic, drunk-ish, gulping, self-satisfied, signature giggles thrown in — and not at all serious. 

[B]ecause was we all know, elections matter.  And when folks vote, they order what they want. And in this case, they got what they asked for! (applause, cackle) I went off script a little bit ... 

Fox News's Tammy Bruce was flabbergasted, too:

She added:

Her tone about "getting what we asked for" seems to imply we deserve what they're doing to us. Even the audience doesn't know how to react.

This is sorry stuff in a vice president at a critical time — the very vice president who was sent to Munich to persuade Russia not to invade Ukraine.  After that failure, she ought to be hiding her head in shame or presenting a sober picture of some kind of newfound gravitas.  Instead, she sounds utterly flip and unserious — like a satire of herself — as though the vice presidency is a joke and her speech is an opening act — except that it's now being done by a hostile comic actor.

What a strange sense of unreality must be descending upon the White House.  These people are an embarrassment.  They would stupefy the comedy writers of Saturday Night Live.  Imagine Kate McKinnon trying to imitate that.  All she'd be able to do is copy her.  How could any satirist in that field top this?

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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