Just in time for midterms, Joe Biden sets off the mother of migrant surges

The U.S. Border Patrol expects a record surge of migrants from 157 countries crossing our border illegally, with most presenting spurious claims to "asylum."

The Daily Mail reports:

The U.S. will see 1 million migrant encounters in the first half of Fiscal Year 2022, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as the administration plans to start administering coronavirus vaccines to those in custody as it weighs ending Title 42 as early as next month.

This figure just accounts for migrants encountered, meaning there could be thousands of other 'gotaways' who evaded CBP when illegally crossing into the U.S.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told Fox News that in the next few days, CBP will have encountered 1 million migrants from when the federal fiscal year started in October 2022.

Sure it's a big number — and the fiscal year is only half over.

But we ain't seen nuthin' yet.

These monster numbers come as Joe Biden has set the conditions for an even bigger surge — on two fronts.

One is in his executive order to replace immigration judges with newly created "asylum officers" brought in from the NGO open-borders ranks, to make decisions on asylum claims.  These are people you can bet will rubber-stamp all asylum claims, regardless of what the law says.

The second incentive is in Biden's expected decision to scrap Title 42, an erratically employed executive order that allows Border Patrol agents to deport illegal crossers on COVID concerns.  Based on the numbers of COVID-spreading migrants, such as in this instance here, it's pretty obvious that that order was used on only some migrants.  Now it won't be used on any of them if the rule is rescinded on May 23, which seems likely following whatever recommendation the CDC puts out as its de facto union masters direct.  The laughable claim now is that they'll offer them COVID vaccines, free of charge (to them), as if migrants who openly break the law can be trusted to come back for their second shot.  Those who refuse will be sent back, unless they file an asylum claim, in which case they'll be allowed to stay but "stringently" monitored.  Kind of like Afghan refugees being stringently vetted, right, Joe?  Kids and babies will likely be forced to take them, too — and guess who will pay the medical bills and lawsuit bills when they get vaccine injuries?  What could go wrong?

Both of those actions add up to two new incentives to cross the border illegally, just as the cartel human-smuggling networks have ramped up and improved their human-cargo pipelines, given the numbers seen.  The current forecast is 18,000 migrants a day, up from the 7,000 or so being "encountered" today.  You can bet that the numbers are going to be a hell of a lot higher than last year's 1.7 million illegal border crossings now that the risk of getting sent back is just about zero now.  It's as sure as the sun coming up.

What's interesting here, though, is that this Biden lunacy comes just as midterms are approaching.

That surge won't hurt Republicans, but it will serve as a guided missile targeted at Democrats.

And what stands out is how many Democrats, particularly from border states, are clearly worried about it.

According to Fox News:

"Given the impacts that changes to Title 42 could have on border communities, border security, and migrants, we urge your administration not to make any changes to Title 42 implementation until you are completely ready to execute and coordinate a comprehensive plan that ensures a secure, orderly, and humane process at the border," Arizona Sens. Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema said in a letter to President Biden last week.

There's also this from Bill Melugin of Fox News, citing a group of lawmakers which include Democrats:

That suggests panic time for Democrats in the most vulnerable geographical area for Democrats, the south Texas border corridors, which have shifted red as the human waves of human-smuggling have already inundated those regions, never mind what's coming up. 

What the intensified surge will do is remind residents that Joe Biden has no intention of shifting course, nor does he care in the least about the American communities along the border most affected by the migrant surge.  The Biden administration has been trying to hide just how many illegal migrants it's allowing in, but there's no hiding anything from the border communities at the tip of the spear, because these communities see everything. 

That's why Democrats are alarmed, and should be.  Joe Biden has basically pitched his own Democrat base over the side, and rather than try to regain the voters who are moving to other parties, he's writing the whole area off.  A border surge never bothers Joe Biden, or, for that matter, his border "czar," Kamala Harris.

But it clearly is concentrating the minds of those Democrats who are likely to be thrown out by the voters.  We are seeing noises now, but this may be nothing compared to what is to come as the surge hits record highs.

Democrats must be spitting mad at this mop in the face from senile old Joe just as they try to make their case to voters.  They may get a bit angrier than just angry enough to send stern letters to Biden, as has been done, given the size of the surge ahead of midterms.  If it gets bad enough, and they decide they don't want to be the sacrificial lambs for the Biden administration, they may withhold votes for the upcoming Supreme Court slot, or possibly break for the Republicans themselves. 

Screen shot from BBC video via YouTube.

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