Joe Biden's agenda: The cruelest act against humanity in the modern age

The combination of war, supply chain issues, energy shortages, and inflation makes it impossible for poorer nations to pay for equipment, supplies, food, and fertilizer.  Fertilizer is manufactured with carbon fuels, and both are necessary to produce crops.  The lack of fertilizer will cause worldwide famine and death.

  1. Ukraine and Russia produce about a third of the wheat and fertilizer for the world.  Supplies from these two breadbasket nations have come to a virtual halt.
  2. The two also service 80% or more of Europe's, and soon China's, energy needs.  The flow of energy with sanctions ongoing is hampered through pipelines, roads, and ocean shipping lanes.
  3. Africa and Central and South America do not have adequate wealth to pay for higher energy costs.  The upside?  Heating is not a major issue in tropical regions.  But the cost of manufacturing — for example, roasting coffee beans — is a real problem.
  4. Lack of fuel in first-world countries will continue to depress their economies and commerce, likely causing stagflation, social upheaval, higher trade deficits, and potential loss of jobs and trade and business opportunities.
  5. The costs of fertilizer production at the wholesale, retail, and shipping points have already risen sharply.  Estimates are three- to fourfold.  With its freely available energy reserves, Russia was the major producer of fertilizer at a low cost.  However, Russia's ability to continue production, as well as its reaching markets under global sanctions, and Russia's means to transport fertilizer goods under sanctions, is severely limited.
  6. Lack of fertilizer at the destination markets will produce low crop yields, if any.

At the end of Donald Trump's presidency, the United States was a net exporter of oil and liquefied gas.  One-third of the extraction was literally surplus, and the U.S. could have grown extraction and refining exponentially to supply Europe at the cost of an Oval Office phone call.  Adjusted for inflation, domestic prices of oil and gas were arguably the lowest in a century.

As global markets kept expanding along with population and business growth, U.S. exports of energy at the prices paid at destination points would have arguably eliminated America's trade deficit and reduced the nation's debt.

That debt will be paid off by Americans' offspring, provided the nation does not default.

The opulent wealth that built the breathtaking cities in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai (also seen HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), and Saudi Arabia (seen HERE, HERE and HERE), instead of having been transferred to the Mideast, would have been reinvested at home, in the United States.  That wealth would have rebuilt America's cities into gleaming metropolises with new infrastructure, airports, rails, highways, and bridges.

The choices on November 9, 2020, facing a backward-looking America were as follows:

First: Spread the wealth to foreign nations, because in Obama-Biden's eyes, America wasn't worthy — and the two didn't like America much anyway.  America wasn't exceptional, they insisted.  America was unworthy to spread the wealth to itself because Americans for Donald Trump loved America and wanted a good future for their offspring — in America.

Second: On the week of January 20, 2021, at the behest of Barack Obama, who called the shots, Susan Rice, whom Barry injected into the Oval Office as the proxy president, placed about 50 leather-lined folders with executive orders and executive actions on Joe Biden's desk.  After Joe affixed his signature, all energy exploration and extraction on public lands in the United States and offshore were promptly canceled, throwing hundreds of thousands of men with families to feed out of work.

These projects included, but were not limited to, ANWR, Keystone, Dakota, the flatlands in the middle of the nation, and offshore exploration and extraction.

Joe Biden was determined to save Barack Obama's legacy, which was far more important than America's security, welfare, and prosperity.  The priority was to satisfy the radical Squad and other Democrats.  Meanwhile, America was left begging Russia and the Arab nations (with the gleaming cities we paid for) for energy.  Joe Biden's Obama-written E.O.s literally created the opportunity for Russia's aggression and attack against Ukraine, using money from our purchases of Russian oil — and NATO's necessary and predictable response, potentially precipitating a world war and a global extinction event.

The chain of events that caused the Ukrainian war, inflation, high energy prices, transportation and supply chain issues, shortages, and high costs for fertilizer across the world will result in unthinkable starvation and suffering.

One can conclude that the Democrats' thinking and policies will become the cruelest and most arrogant crimes perpetrated against humanity in the modern age.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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