It’s not pro-Russian to refuse to join the rush to war

Let me say what this is not: It is not a post supporting Putin or attacking Ukraine. Nor is it a post attacking Russia and supporting Zelensky. It is, instead, a post about trying to drive the “intellectual speed limit” when the Democrats and RINOS (along with a lot of Republicans) have decided to turn a residential street into the “emotional response equivalent of the Indy 500.” In other words, it’s about approaching with caution the information with which we’re being flooded and the information that should be there...but isn’t.

This is an idea that’s been in my head for several days, but I have to give credit to Sundance, at the Conservative Tree House, for articulating it. The first thing Sundance notes is that the people driving us to do anything to protect the Ukrainian people and their sovereign border aren’t people we should necessarily trust. After all, these are the same people who:

  • Were fanatically anti-War up until about ten minutes ago;
  • Were stridently opposed to sovereign borders up until about ten minutes ago;
  • Falsely insisted that Trump had colluded with Russia and continue to do so even when every bit of hard evidence points to Hillary colluding with Russia;
  • Insisted in October 2020 that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, although all the evidence pointed to its being real, a truth the New York Times acknowledges;
  • Insist that men and women can magically become the opposite sex just because they say so;
  • Are teaching our children that White people are genetically evil;
  • Were wrong about every single aspect of COVID, whether we’re speaking about its point of origin, the economy destroying lockdowns, the useless masks, the potentially dangerous vaccines that aren’t really vaccines, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and the false necessity of school closures;
  • Destroyed America’s fossil fuel industry in the name of environmentalism but are now desperately trying to get oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, both of which have fewer environmental protections and must ship that oil at great expense across vast waters.

That’s just the short list of everything Democrats (and NeverTrumpers and RINOS) do or say that makes them unreliable. The most recent problem with them, which Sundance points to, is the fact that 51 “intelligence” experts not only lied about the Hunter Biden laptop but also refuse now to apologize. (And don’t forget that Biden, the one person who knew with certainty that the laptop and its contents were real, blatantly lied to the American people during a debate with Trump when he asserted it was Russian disinformation.)

Image: Off the Cliff by Andrea Widburg. (Cliff by wirestock; Car by Azerbaijan_stockers. Both under a freepik license.)

Given that these people are either wrong about everything, dishonest about everything, or delusional about everything, why, when it comes to Ukraine, are we giving them the steering wheel, letting them floor the gas pedal, and disabling the brakes? I know that they, like the proverbial stopped watch, may be right about this issue but I also know that I don’t like letting them rush or bully me.

Sundance points out something else very peculiar about events in Ukraine:

Where are the social media posts, from Ukraine citizens, that would support the narrative, as it is being told by Western media, about events happening in Ukraine?

Seemingly, Ukraine is the only conflict in modern human history where a pop culture society of more than 40 million technologically connected people decided not to document every moment of it on social media.

Considering the scale and scope of the conflict, and considering the Ukraine population of more than 40 million is far larger than Canada, and considering that population is located in a country the size of Texas, and considering they are a western technologically connected society with tens of millions of cell phones, we should be seeing a great deal of footage, pictures and images from ordinary Ukrainian citizens.  However, we don’t. Why?

Further, according to Sundance (and I have no independent understanding regarding this point),

Almost everything you see is from Eastern Ukraine where a civil war has been ongoing for over a decade. Whatever is happening in the rest of Ukraine is the least documented conflict in modern social media.  It just seems odd.

So, here’s what we Americans actually know: We know people are dying, we know there are refugees, and we know there is fighting. But Sundance is right: Considering that Elon Musk is blanketing the nation with his Starlink system, we’re getting so much nothing that it’s like Sherlock Holmes’s famous dog that didn’t bark—the absence of evidence is itself evidence.

Again, I’m not taking a position here. I’m just saying that, before our American men and women suddenly find themselves in the front lines of World War III with Joe Biden as their Commander-in-Chief, I’d like to feel that rational minds, rather than Democrat and RINO minds, are on board with our suddenly drastic policies.

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