It is imperative for the public to learn the truth of which presidents catered to Putin and greatly helped him fund his evil war

Trump absolutely did not praise Putin for invading Ukraine, contrary to what so many journalists; other Democrats; and people like Romney, Cheney, and other Trump-hating Republicans say.

What he said is that Putin is a genius.  It related to how he hoodwinked the U.S. and NATO as he prepared for war.  There have been and are a lot of evil geniuses.  While Putin built up his troops and telegraphed everything he was going to do for months, Biden, NATO, and others just talked and threatened him with sanctions.

While Ukraine was asking for weapons, we were promising sanctions.  Germany gave them helmets.

Hillary, Pelosi, and other Democrats are saying Biden's strategy on Ukraine and Russia has been brilliant.  That is stupidity on steroids, yet the media, Democrats, Romney, Cheney, and others are not pointing out their pure ignorance.  Of course, the media and other Democrats have always been more concerned about talking points than results.

Here is a timeline of items relating to Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S. and under what president they occurred:

In 1994, during Clinton's presidency, the U.S. and U.K. coerced Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons by promising to defend them if Russia ever attacked.  No matter how many times in the last 28 years, The U.S. and U.K. have not kept their word.

In 2009, Obama backed out of a promise to put up missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic, which certainly appeased Putin.  It showed NATO members that the U.S. could not be trusted to keep its word. 

In March 2012, Obama whispered to the Russian president that he would be more flexible after the election. 

YouTube screen grab.

Before the election in 2012, Obama laughed at Romney when Romney said Russia was a dangerous adversary.

In 2013, the Obama administration gave Russia permission to take over a uranium mine from Canada and America, and all Russia had to do was give massive kickbacks to the Clintons.

Obama drew a red line that if Syria ever used chemical weapons on his people, that country would be in big trouble.  Yet Syria used them, and Obama essentially moved the red line and engaged Russia to monitor Assad, the Russians' buddy.

The Obama administration signed on to the worthless Paris agreement, which leaves Russia and OPEC more powerful to control oil prices and essentially does nothing about the climate.  It destroys the U.S. economy by decimating our fossil fuel industry.

As Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, Obama refused to give the Ukrainians weapons, which certainly had to please Putin. 

It had to be pleasing to Putin that the Obama-Biden administration was so willing to lie to build up Iran with hundreds of billions as the Iranians pledged death to America. 

The more money Iran had, the more it could spend on arms in Russia, one of its biggest trading partners. 

Contrast the actions of Obama and Biden with Russia to how Trump handled them:

Unlike Obama, Trump gave Poland and Ukraine weapons, which would have ticked off Putin. 

In 2018, Trump pushed NATO allies to pay more for their defense, which had to displease Putin.  He also told Germany and other NATO countries that it was dangerous to be so dependent on Russia for their energy needs.  Sadly, they didn't listen. 

Trump pulled out of the worthless Paris climate accord and started producing more American oil, which reduced the pricing power of Russia and OPEC and helped Americans with lower prices, especially the poor and middle class. 

Trump pulled out of the Iran deal and punished Iran with many sanctions — and that harmed Russia. 

Putin and other dictators had to be pleased that while Trump was in office, the media and other Democrats trashed our country as an unfair, systemically racist country and claimed that capitalism helps only the rich.  They love propaganda that they can feed to their people to say how much better they are than us.

Then Biden took office and again catered to Putin:

One of the first things Biden did was block the Keystone pipeline and send a message that he would destroy the American fossil fuel industry.  And prices started going up. 

We also rejoined the Paris climate accord, which further weakens America and further raises prices.  Anyone who thinks Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other oil-producing countries care about their carbon footprint needs to have his head examined. 

Biden waived the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which helped Russia and harmed Ukraine.

While Putin was building troops around Ukraine, the U.S. and other NATO allies were essentially begging Iran to get back in the Iran deal so we could help them build their economy.  A main spokesman for Iran is a Russian.  That is as brilliant as having Russia monitor chemical weapons in Syria.

The Iran Nuclear Talks' Breakout Player

Love him or hate him, Russia's man in Vienna has become the Iran deal's unofficial spokesman.

While Putin was preparing for war in Ukraine, the Biden administration was giving China intelligence, which the Chinese shared with Russia.  Another brilliant strategy.  What could go wrong?

While China was sharing intelligence with Russia, keeping the origin of the coronavirus secret, and committing genocide, the Biden Justice Department was deciding that it should stop investigating Chinese professors.  Here is how CBS described it.

Dropped investigation of Chinese professors

The Justice Department is ending a controversial program, launched under the Trump administration, to hunt down Chinese spies. The "China Initiative" was designed to tackle a top national security priority: identifying and prosecuting those responsible for China's widespread theft of hundreds of billions of dollars a year in American trade secrets and intellectual property.

The media frequently insert the word "controversial" into news stories when they want to influence, not inform their audience.  "Controversial" should be used in opinion pieces, not news pieces.  What possibly is controversial about investigating Chinese professors when we know how much intellectual property China steals?

While Putin, Iran, and China prepare for war, the American military is focused like a laser on wokeness, computer-generated climate models, and kicking healthy people out of the military for refusing a vaccine that doesn't protect against a virus. 

Will the media ever report on all the kickbacks to the Biden family from Russia, China, and Ukraine?  Isn't it important to know if those kickbacks influence Biden's policies, or don't journalists care about pure corruption?

Journalists and others should pay attention to what politicians do instead of what they say.  Make no mistake: Obama and Biden continually catered to Russia and Iran, and Trump held them at bay. 

The main solution to controlling Putin has always been for other countries not to become dependent on him for their energy needs.

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