Is it time to put Biden back in the basement?

Back in the fall of 2020, candidate Joe Biden spent much of his time in the basement.  He was like Grandma's car: she opens the garage door on Sunday, drives to church, shares grandkid photos with everyone, drinks a little coffee, and puts the car away until the next Mass.

The Biden staff used the pandemic as an excuse.  The media went along with the idea and never forced the candidate to answer questions from reporters.  He could have done press conferences by video, but the media punted on demanding something that is completely normal in the modern presidential campaign.  Unlike President Trump, who probably answered too many questions, candidate Biden was kept away from the media and the voters.

Now he is the president, and we understand why they hid him from the American people.  He is always late for whatever speaking appointment he has.  Why?  No one is asking why.  He never answers questions.  He reads a statement and goes back wherever.  Why?  No one is asking or banging on the White House door for an explanation.

Do you remember anything like this before?

This is from Stephen Kruiser:

We're sending this paste-eater to a NATO summit to discuss the Russia/Ukraine horror. He shouldn't be talking about anything beyond what he wants at snack time.

One of the ways that Biden "won" the election in 2020 involved his handlers using COVID panic to keep him out of the public eye.

In the interest of national security, Biden's puppetmasters might want to send him to the least-used basement in the White House and keep him there for a while.

All of this wouldn't matter if he were the president of Costa Rica, a beautiful Central American country but not a superpower.  Unfortunately, he is President Biden of the U.S., a superpower and leader of the West.

What can we do?  Not much, because we have to wait until the next election.  The nation is in the hands of a man who isn't really there, who has to read from a teleprompter and isn't seen much after 5 p.m.  "A heartbeat away" is a woman who does not inspire much confidence.  And watching this show of incompetence and disarray are China, Iran, and everybody else.

Pray for the U.S.  We need a lot of prayers today.

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Image: Gage Skidmore,

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