In Europe, Joe's new ways to lose 'em

What would the late Casey Stengel say about President Biden?  I think that he'd look at the president and say this: "Been in this game one-hundred years, but I see new ways to lose 'em I never knew existed before."

The great Casey was talking about his 1962 Mets, who lost 120 games in their first season.  They were so bad that the country fell in love with them, from Choo-Choo Coleman behind the plate to Elio Chacon at short.  I'd bet you had not heard those names in a long time.  Save this post for your next Trivial Pursuit game!

President Biden is really bad, too, but no one is falling in love with him.

It certainly does feel that way after President Biden visited Europe last week.  This is from Brandon J Weichert:

A man notorious for his inopportune gaffes, Biden went before a group of US Army personnel stationed in Poland and told the 82nd Airborne that they were heading over to Ukraine. From there, Biden went to the nation's capital Warsaw and, supposedly breaking away from his carefully scripted remarks, burbled on about how Vladimir Putin's reign of terror in Moscow needed to end.

Maybe he said something else, too.  It was a gaffe a second!

What we are watching in President Biden's performance should not shock anyone.  I guess this is why they hid the candidate during the campaign.  It was "keep him in the basement" and blame it on COVID.

Image: Biden in Warsaw (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

The staff knew that their candidate was a wrecking ball if he ever had to answer a question.  So it was "tell them you're not Trump," and the media will fall for it 1,000%!  And to their shame, they did!

Eighty-one million voted for Biden because they wanted to calm things down.  Too "many mean tweets" or fights with reporters were unpresidential, as they used to lecture us.

Yes, President Trump was undisciplined and fought too much with talk show hosts with small audiences.  But he kept gasoline prices down, and the border was under control.  They hated him in Europe, but that's only because he kept reminding the NATO allies to pay their dues.

The 1962 Mets found a way to lose 75% of their games.  Casey once said his team had to stay out of triple plays.  I think Casey would tell President Biden to stay away from microphones and spend more time in Delaware.

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