I thought Democrats were the 'party of science'

The media and other Democrats say they are the party of science, yet most of the time they refuse to answer questions.

They frequently accuse the questioners of being racists or being associated with QAnon. Maybe they should blame Russian collusion or Russian disinformation, and some undoubtedly do. 

Most of the media not only doesn't ask questions, but they also get mad and defensive if other Democrats are requested to answer.

For example:

When Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define a 'woman,' her answer was that she was not a biologist. Somehow, that was a 'gotcha' question. I believe most people can answer that question without a degree in biology. When a baby is born, people ask whether the baby is a boy or a girl and anyone looking at the baby would determine the answer by looking at the body parts. There would not be a need to look at a book for a list of an indeterminate number of genders. 

Judge Jackson should have been asked whether a person with a penis should expose himself in girls’ locker rooms or if girls had the right to privacy. Is it fair for biological males to compete with girls in sports?

Judge Jackson was asked when human life began. Again, she was stumped. Maybe she should have been asked when her daughters' lives began in her womb.

My guess is she knows it was around 40 weeks before they were born. Is it O.K. to call Judge Jackson a mother, or should she be called a birthing person, so no one is offended?

There are other examples of media malfeasance on this front, too. Here's another:

Somehow CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who are supposedly experts who base all their decisions on science, are never asked simple questions such as:

Where is the scientific data that shows that masks materially affect outcomes in a pandemic? 

Where is the data that showed a six-foot social-distancing separation among people was necessary? 

Where is the data that justified the major expense on business for Plexiglas?

Where is the data that caused the deadline for masks on airlines to move from March 18 to April 18?

The answer to all the above is that there was no data, so they just came up with the destructive and expensive dictatorial edicts out of thin air.

Why did the CDC suddenly change the way they counted COVID deaths from the way they counted deaths from previous diseases in March of 2020? Why would anyone ever count deaths that had a remote association with a disease, or assumed to be associated with a disease, as caused by the disease? Was it to intentionally inflate the numbers to beat the people into submission? It certainly couldn't have been made due to science. 

Recently, the CDC reduced deaths from COViD by 71,000 and pediatric deaths by 25% because of a “coding error.” Somehow, most of the media hasn't thought this story was worthy of reporting. Why would we trust CDC, or Fauci, on anything with their consistent history of misinformation?

Why should we trust the media which so willingly has continued to spread the misinformation?

It also would not take a scientist or an educator to know that remote learning, and the other dictatorial edicts requiring social distancing and masking, would cause immeasurable and long-term psychological, physical, and financial harm, especially to the poor, the disabled, and to children who were already educationally behind.

Finally.no questions are ever asked of Biden administration officials or anyone else seeking to decimate the U.S economy by intentionally destroying all the businesses and people directly or indirectly associated with anything related to fossil fuels, which have greatly improved the quality and length of life for people.

There is one simple question that needs to be asked since the destruction is supposedly based on science when it is purely ideological. 

Where is the scientific data from the last 150 years that shows that fossil fuel usage has caused temperatures to rise and that that temperature rise has caused the climate to change?

Does anyone think that Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Kerry, Joe Biden, AOC, Pete Buttigieg, or any educator, scientist, or journalist can come up with the data to justify the destruction of industries that destroy tens of millions of jobs and people’s lives along with causing massive inflation?

The answer is there is no scientific data, and it doesn't take a scientist or expert to answer the question.

The facts are that temperatures have fluctuated (gone up and down) over the last 150 years with a cyclical and natural rise of one to two degrees if the measurements are accurate. This cyclical rise followed an over 500-year little ice age where the temperatures dropped a couple of degrees cyclically and naturally which followed a medieval warming period where temperatures rose a few degrees cyclically and naturally and where temperatures ended up similar to what they are today. There were no fossil fuels and very few people that could have caused that warming period. 

Meanwhile, in the last 150 years, the use of crude oil has increased from near zero to around 100 million barrels per day. This does not include all the other things that we are told that cause warming including the massive increase in the population, the increase in CO2, methane, industrialization, cars, trucks, etc.

If all those things caused warming, the temperature rise would have been much greater than one or two degrees.

There was also a thirty-five-year cooling period from 1940 to 1975 that could not have occurred if everything we are told causes warming actually caused warming.

This period caused journalists and others to warn of an existential threat of a coming ice age where billions would die from starvation.

If temperatures both rise and fall with rising fossil fuel consumption, there is no correlation, therefore there is no causation. The intentional destruction of the fossil fuel industry must be stopped before the U.S collapses. 

The fact that most of the media have colluded with politicians in America and Europe to indoctrinate the public to submit to the intentional destruction of the fossil fuel industry has contributed greatly to Putin's power and wealth and to the deaths and destruction of Ukraine. The media and politicians have made significant progress in stifling questions and debate to justify the destruction.

Maybe the media could ask Biden, John Kerry, Bill Gates, and others of their ilk what they would replace tires, asphalt, and the other thousands of products derived from crude oil with before the destruction continues, or don't journalists care?

The truth is science has little to do with Democrats, radical, extremist policies, it is all about power. The Democrats would rather see more people dependent on the government that gives them the economic opportunities to move up the economic ladder.

Giving people a rebate check, or a temporary reprieve on the gas tax, to offset the rising price of gasoline is not a solution. It is an attempt to buy votes in the 2022 election because the Democrat policies are so destructive. The solution is energy independence which is what Trump achieved and Democrats opposed.

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