Hunter Biden: After rigging the elections, the media attempts to rig your mind

After more than two years of the mainstream media dismissing and suppressing news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, The New York Times finally conceded that the story was authentic.

Back in October 2020, The New York Post had carried myriad reports on the shady business dealings of Joe Biden and Hunter. The emails, text messages, and financial documents on the laptop proved that Biden, as vice president, used his influence to generate considerable profits for his family.

The laptop also had photos of drug-addled Hunter in flagrante delicto with a prostitute and even messages of Hunter using the n-word.

Following the NY Post reports, prominent personalities on MSNBCNBCThe Washington PostThe Daily BeastCNN, and The New York Times worked in unison to discredit the story.

Politico claimed that anonymous intelligence officials had branded the news Russian disinformation. The Huff Post reported that more than 50 former intelligence officials had signed a letter to that effect. 

NPR, which is funded by U.S. tax dollars, claimed there were “red flags” in the Post’s story.  

Meanwhile, Big Tech swung into action with Twitter and Facebook heavily restricting Hunter Biden's laptop news, once again calling it (you guess right) Russian propaganda. Finally, the NY Post’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were locked and so were other accounts that carried the story.

It wasn't surprising. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had donated nearly $419 million to nonprofit originations that infiltrated the administration and infrastructure of key precincts to influence the 2020 election.

They had allowed a relatively free flow of factual information in 2016 which caused their candidate, Hillary Clinton, to lose. This time they were taking no chances with their man Biden. Every step of the way was tilted quite emphatically in Biden’s favor.

To claim that the media is corrupt or compromised is an understatement because it assumes that the media is an independent entity that has been influenced by an external force.

The current media is in fact a propaganda wing for the Democrats. Think of it as a department within the Democrat party and suddenly it all makes sense.

Their function is to glorify the Democrats, everything else is a nuisance that has to be destroyed. Their actions are purposeful and so is their propaganda.

They have also appointed themselves as the adjudicators of taste and even facts. All those who do not subscribe to their utterances are either branded ignoramuses or bigots or agents of Putin.

For any given story, various ‘pundits’ across various organizations have similar views and use identical phrases and buzzwords. This is because the author of the talking points seems to be the same individual who sits in the quarters of the DNC.

Words such as 'insurrection' or 'collusion' did just happen, these were conceived by the Democrats who were assiduously followed by the media.

Their narratives are often contradictory but they still demand total adherence and a complete surrender of critical thinking.

If you do not believe the 2016 elections were rigged, then you are an ignoramus because elections can easily be compromised. However, if you think that the 2020 elections were rigged, you are also branded an ignoramus because elections can never be compromised.

When President Trump refers to the rigging of the 2020 election, the rigging began the very day he was elected in 2016 and continues to this day with one hit job after another.

While the overarching narrative was that of Russian collusion, there were myriad other hit jobs. On certain days Trump was bigoted, senile, ignorant, and incompetent, on others he was a bigoted, evil genius, and megalomaniacal tyrant.

The press misquoted him to the extent that many people, including his supporters, thought that he referred to Neo Nazis as ‘very fine people’ and asked people to inject bleach to fight COVID-19.

They do not even attempt to conceal their bias.

After Biden was ‘elected,’ CNN's Don Lemon referred to the Democrats as "we." NYT’s Maureen Dowd wrote, "We can't give up on Biden because he's all that stands between us and the apocalypse at the hands of Trump." There were neither apologies nor retractions from either organization. 

They have developed a small but zealous base who tune in to have their biases and hate confirmed.

They also rely on casual consumers to believe all they see or read without much consideration because they are busy with life. It is conceivable that the relentless chaos and scandals the media fabricated about Trump’s White House were enough for this section to vote against Trump.

According to a Morning Consult poll, 2 in 5 Americans trust the news media, which means 40 percent of the people readily believe all Democrat propaganda.

It will be impossible to know how many Trump votes the media managed to steal with their relentless anti-Trump propaganda.

The fact that President Trump managed to receive over 74 million votes in 2020, almost 12 million more than he did in 2016, is a testament to his outstanding achievements.

Do not for any moment think that the reason the NYT authenticated Hunter’s laptop story is that they have seen the light and will henceforth resort to factual reporting only. It is possible that the Democrats are looking for a way to take Biden out before the 2024 elections campaign kick-off and are using this story as the first punch.

Beyond President Trump, the media relentlessly indulges in Goebbelsian propaganda.

You are ordered to stay indoors, mask up, and take the vaccine without questions. The lockdowns that isolated people from the outside world actually helped them spread paranoia and hysteria.

You are ridiculed for questioning climate change and transgenderism. You are told that BLM riots where shops were looted and burned down are protests while the Jan. 6 protest was an insurrection and Ashli Babbit, the unarmed protestor, who was killed by the Capitol police, deserved to die. You are instructed to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse as a racist or you are a racist.

You are commanded to denounce Vladimir Putin and unconditionally side with Ukraine. If you question Washington wanting to send millions of dollars worth of weaponry to Ukraine, you are accused of spreading ‘Russian disinformation’ and committing treason. Treason is punishable by death.

Despite their terrible track record, their blatancy never wanes. They no longer bother to engage in debate or answer questions, they just shout orders and move on.

Any society where the powers that be are filled with certitude about their righteousness such that they almost criminalize and demonize opposition is swaying away from being a democracy.

Leftists pontificate about the need for protecting democratic values in Ukraine and denounce Russia as a totalitarian state, but their actions of running disinformation that has an impact on an election is undemocratic. But the sanctimonious seldom comprehend irony.

Do not expect any reform or remedial action for the reason that they do not see any errors in their actions.

They say the function of the media is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The propaganda masters who are lackeys of the establishment are doing the exact opposite and feel no remorse or shame in doing so.

Citizens looking for facts must presume falsehoods until the truth is proved.

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