Hope for the future

I have four children, three in high school, with the fourth almost in high school.  We live somewhere in Texas where we can afford to live off one salary.

This means that the public school my children attend is considered a poor school — mostly ethnic minorities, lots of government funds/programs for the underprivileged, lots of special interest groups encouraging college attendance.  The general assumption is that these children come from a long line of people who never went to college, and therefore need a lot of encouragement.

With the current population breakdown, it is assumed that this part of my area is heavily Democrat, even though it isn't.  One of my son's friends likes to discuss politics during lunch.  During a recent conversation, one of his other friends, when asked which party he prefers, said, "I think I prefer Democrats."  So the politically minded friend asked, "Which of their policies do you like?"  The other friend said, "Let me look up their policies."  A quick Google search later resulted in the top issue for Democrats being listed as abortion.  This boy muttered, a bit confused, "What's abortion?"  Another quick Google search later, and the boy muttered, "I don't think I support Democrats."

This young man was in his teens.  When confronted with some horrific realities of this life that Democrats are champions for, he instinctively knew that it was wrong. 

It is easy to be glum about the future, with the current state of society.  But know that modern teenagers, who are known to lack common sense and sound judgment, when provided clear, concise information, can easily discern evil from good and choose good.  While there are rough times ahead, this bodes well for society in the next 15–30 years, at least here in Texas.

Monroe Wesson is a pseudonym for an engineer living somewhere in Texas.

Image: Brian J. Matis.

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