Gaffe: Joe Biden calls Kamala Harris 'first lady'

Does Joe Biden have any idea of where he is?  What he's doing?  Who his vice president is?

Get a load of his latest gaffe:

So after all that effort to build Kamala Harris up as presidential and leader-like, most recently sending her to Europe to represent the U.S. on its most significant crisis there since World War II, making much of Harris being "the last person in the room," gaffing that Harris was president, declaring the Biden administration the Biden-Harris administration, featuring Harris in Vogue as the "most powerful" woman in the U.S., the truth comes out: Harris is a placeholder, an affirmative action hire, someone who in reality is just a public relations vehicle to serve Biden, not a power figure in her own right.

It's a Freudian slip, of course, because it happens to be true.  Harris's chief role in the Biden administration has been in "messaging."  She's the Instagram-obsessed "messenger" who's supposed to create "narratives" from being "the first" female black/Asian vice president and present her rags-to-riches biography.  She's also got the "messenging" role in other matters — to convince Europe that America remains committed to its NATO alliance, which is what happened just recently.  European leaders noticed that she didn't seem to realize that NATO did not include Ukraine and displayed a toddler's knowledge of where the place actually was, and therefore began taking matters into its own hands — the French and British leaders began to cut their own deals with Russia's Vladimir Putin, and the Slavic state leaders, bordering Ukraine — Slovenia, Poland, and Czechia — made their own trip to Kyiv to talk deals with Ukraine's embattled president.  Leave aside the matter of the Gulf states not returning Joe's phone calls and Venezuela telling the U.S. to forget about importing oil from it.  Harris wasn't exactly a player in these wretched failures of foreign policy as the vaunted Lady Messenger, which is a first lady's role.

Harris was also tasked with resolving the out-of-control border crisis by serving as the point person for the "root causes" of illegal immigration from three Central American countries here in the States.  Instead of doing that, which ought to have included a substantial visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, she skipped out on that and went to various ribbon-cutting ceremonies around the Midwest and New Jersey, which again is essentially a first lady's job.  What's more, she was shut out from the big boy meetings.  Somehow, she didn't get invited or didn't show up to the significant high-level officials' meeting held in Mexico City last year, whose topic was... root causes of illegal immigration.

When Harris made her first trip to Europe, supposedly to patch up relations with an angry France, her role was first-lady stuff, too.  The patching had already been done by the State Department, so it appeared to be a phony bid to claim some kind of leadership credit for her, which didn't happen.  The headlines she drew in Paris came from her shopping trip for high-end cookware, not her capacity to cut a deal or manage relations with a disgruntled but important ally.  If there was anything she did of substance behind closed doors, she sure as heck wasn't able to "message" it.  Some messenger.

So it's no surprise that Biden referred to Harris as the first lady, that's basically all she does.  That's not surprising, given that she's famous for not paying attention to briefings, nor does she "do her homework," as previous stories from the Washington Post and others have noted.  She then lashes out when she gets caught flat-footed, or "unprepared," as the Post delicately noted.  When you are just there as a symbol of wokesterism, why do homework?  It makes all claims that she's a power player laughable, particularly since she's attached at the hip to a senile old fool.  The fool, Biden, lets the truth get out because that's how senility runs.

Had Harris actually had some kind of substance to her record, the gaffe would be on Biden alone.  But, well, the claim was true, which creates some uncomfortable reminders of what's going on in that disastrous administration.

Image:  Twitter screen shot.

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