From Massachusetts, 10 talking points to counter Democrat positions

We run the Republican Town Committee in our town in Massachusetts.

As can be imagined in this liberal bastion, it's an uphill climb.  The majority of people here really do fall into the cliché of the snobby, out-of-touch Northeastern liberal, just the way you'd think.  We meet once a month to discuss local and state issues, strategize on ways we can help those few brave beleaguered Republican candidates and the pitifully outnumbered lawmakers (Ds outnumber Rs 127-28 in the State House [with four vacant seats] and 37-3 in the State Senate), we organize fundraisers, campaign events, undertake letter-writing initiatives, sign-holding standouts near the stadium during the Patriots' football season, and so on.  Anything we can do, we do.  We celebrate the small victories, few and far between though they may be.

However, there is one constant theme that all conservatives share here in Massachusetts, and I'd venture to say everywhere else as well: "I wish I had a succinct, pithy way to frame my responses and counter the Democrats' positions.  Leave them speechless, with no rational, plausible comeback."

Conservatives know that Democrat positions are harmful to the economic and security interests of our country; that they undermine the best interest of our society, culture, and history; and that Democrat positions are self-serving and wildly hypocritical.  "Rules for thee but not for me" are the opening lyrics to the Democrat National Anthem.

So here's what we did — our humble Republican Town Committee printed up the Top 10 counters to current Democrat positions and handed them out to our members.  Now when we encounter friends, family members, or work associates in daily life — the real people who are fed up with where things have gone but can't effectively verbalize their feelings — we give them a card.  "Say this when someone says something outrageous to you."

A Democrat vote means you favor:

  1. No fossil fuel production.  Like the price of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas these days?
  2. Inflation at a 50-year high.  The government prints money and hands it out, and it becomes worthless.
  3. No freedom of speech.  Say the "incorrect thing," and you're sued.  Or fired.  No opinions allowed.
  4. No civil liberties.  Don't think the vaccine is right for you or truly safe?  Sorry — you have no say.
  5. De-funding the police.  Smash and grab.  No bail for criminals.  Policemen being shot.  Feel safe?
  6. A weakened military.  Our top generals are more concerned with "equity" than winning wars.
  7. Higher taxes.  You think the government spends your money more wisely than you do, right?
  8. Unrestricted illegal immigration.  Your taxes support their education, health care, and housing.
  9. Choosing your gender.  Do you like 45-year-old men in the girl's room with your daughter?
  10. Woke corporations.  Everything is racist all of a sudden.  Color and sex far outweigh qualifications.

Will this list (there's a lot more, obviously, but we wanted to keep it reasonably short) change a lot of minds and swing the vote in a significant way?  Unfortunately, probably not.  Most Democratic voters vote the way they do "because my family has always voted that way" or for defensive or egotistical reasons, not wanting to admit a past "error" by changing party affiliation, or because they're so well off that the behavioral restrictions, new societal rules, and increased taxation they favor don't really negatively impact them personally.  These reasons are purely emotional, not logical, and so are nearly impossible to overcome.

However, if delivered in a low-key manner, with a matter-of-fact tone and a "what do you think, you're a smart person" demeanor, then maybe, just maybe, a few people will switch their positions.  A few here, a few there.  That's what it takes.  It's worth a try.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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