Elon Musk states a simple truth about what should be America’s priority

Elon Musk is a visionary, a capitalist, an extreme environmentalist (after all, his goal is to put everyone in an electric car), and someone who refuses to follow the standard path of becoming a bossy leftist billionaire.  Instead, Musk will go his own way, pushing back against the leftist shibboleths that control his class.  Perhaps that's why Musk has announced that, even though it goes against both his interests and beliefs, it's time for America to get back into the business of producing oil and gas.

America's billionaires are pack animals: they're all leftists who want to use technology to bring Americans to a glorious new age of being completely controlled by these billionaires and their college-indoctrinated minions.  Musk, who is currently richer by far than the rest of these guys (he's worth close to $300 billion), is a renegade from that herd.

What makes Musk really stand out from the billionaire herd is his tweet habit.  Like Trump before him, Musk tweets out what he thinks.  Instead of vague leftist platitudes and virtue-signaling, he tells it like it is.  And sometimes he asks questions, such as asking the internet whether he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock.

Image: Elon Musk (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

One of the ways Musk endeared himself to me is his practice of ridiculing the idiocy that so often emanates from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of my least favorite law professors from the old days, before she found the Native American within and headed off to Harvard.  Thus, when Elizabeth Warren stated that Musk pays "zero" in taxes (in fact, he paid over $11 billion in 2021) and Jeff Bezos pays less than a schoolteacher would, Bezos ignored her.  Musk, however, struck back:

He's not always endearing.  Early this year, conservatives and decent people were disgusted to learn that Musk was building a showroom in Xinjiang, where the Chinese are interning Uyghurs:

I suspect that the reason for his decision about China is that, as I said, Musk is an environmental extremist, and China is the world's biggest polluter.  If I'm correct, Musk puts cleaning China's air ahead of a few million Uyghurs any day.  Musk redeemed himself, though, by getting his Starlink internet service to Ukraine to ensure that the Ukrainians could continue to communicate among themselves and with the outside world.

Musk's latest tweet is important insofar as it reveals a realist who understands that there are bigger things than profit and even environmentalism.

As everyone with a few brain cells knows, we have funded Putin's war.  That's because one of Biden's first acts as president was to shut down the Keystone pipeline and to end oil and gas leases on federal land.  Biden also enacted other executive rules aimed at slowing down production.  In one year, America went from being energy self-sufficient and a net oil exporter to being dependent on foreign oil...especially Russian oil.

Thanks to Biden's acts, two things happened at home and abroad: prices went up as supplies went down, and Putin, who presides over what's essentially a huge gas station with a declining population and a nuclear arsenal, suddenly had money rolling in.  Meanwhile, Biden has announced that he absolutely will not do anything to sanction Russia's oil sales.

Musk responded to this news by blowing up a little Twitter bomb:

And that's why people like Elon Musk. 

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