Dick Durbin blocks documents showing Ketanji Brown Jackson's judicial record

The Senate hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court nomination are not going well.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Dick Durbin is blocking the release of documents showing Brown Jackson's actual record as a judge, taking a page from the tactics of impeachment-obsessed Rep. Adam Schiff.  That's how Democrats do hearings these days.

According to John Solomon's Just The News:

The Biden administration is keeping more than 48,000 pages of records about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson from senators reviewing her nomination, including documents about her time at the U.S. Sentencing Commission that she has made a central part of her professional story.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is "hiding" records from Jackson's time as vice chair of the Sentencing Commission, where she championed leniency for child predators, says Michael Davis, former chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said Monday that 16,000 pages of substantive content has been released on Jackson, compared to the 48,000 pages withheld by the White House under the Presidential Records Act and FOIA exemptions.


"Durbin has refused a request by Republican senators to look at her records on the sentencing commission," Davis told "Just the News — Not Noise" on Monday, hours after Jackson's first day of testimony in front of the committee weighing her nomination to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

That signals that there is something they are trying to hide.

According to the Article3Project, Brown Jackson sentenced perverts, predators, and child molesters to less-than-recommended jail and prison time on a consistent basis.

Sen. Josh Hawley, a pro-life Missouri Republican, found that she consistently sentenced these perverts to lesser sentences than the judicial guidelines and rationalized her decisions this way:

"Judge Jackson has opined there may be a type of 'less-serious child pornography offender' whose motivation is not sexual but 'is the challenge, or to use the technology.' A 'less-serious' child porn offender?" he wrote, citing her testimony.

Another example, "Jackson has said that some people who possess child porn 'are in this for either the collection, or the people who are loners and find status in their participation in the community,'" Hawley continued. "What community would that be? The community of child exploiters?"

That sounds like makin' it up as you go along.

She's also been strikingly soft on kiddie porn purveyors and viewers, despite the hard fact that 80% of viewers of child porn are likely to have molested a child in real life, according to a study from the Mayo Clinic.  She views the hard punishments of these dirtbags as "stigmatization" and "revenge."

Any concerns for the permanently harmed children in these monstrous crimes?  Apparently not from her — and of course, a show of the records could correct us if we are wrong.

But Durbin wants no such records out there, which can only by default lead to the conclusion that they are worse than what people suspect.

Durbin has been loud and noisy about not turning Brown Jackson's hearing into a Democrat-style circus about teen frat parties such as the Democrats rained down on then-judge Brett Kavanaugh at his hearings.  A garbage-fest for thee, but not for me.

But Republicans have decided not to go that route.  They instead are interested in looking at the facts and the record.

That apparently is even worse to Durbin, who now wants to suppress hard facts about Brown Jackson's judicial record.

Durbin would like this hearing to be a celebration of "historics" and "firsts," with the entire Senate discussion to revolve around Brown Jackson's skin color, instead of her record.  He wants a public relations show, a rubber-stamp hearing, and of course, the seating of a radical leftist on the Court who will make poor dumb Sonia Sotomayor look temperate and judicial in comparison. 

This is disgusting stuff, and Republicans need to fight it — to withhold quorums until they get the documents they need, vowing to drag out the hearings till the next Republican president is elected in 2024, or else engage in guerrilla research and obtain the documents anyway and then ask the questions anyway, over and over, each member asking as Durbin tries to suppress them, if for nothing else, then to get the word out to the public.  Durbin can scream all he likes, but Republicans have got to fight this, making the little censor in Durbin's cold black heart feel some hellfire heat.

If there's to be no discussion of the Brown Jackson record, then it's time to bring out the frat parties and whatever it was she did when she was 17, complete with charlatan witnesses, just as the Democrats did.  I'd be curious if she ever shouted down a speaker when she was at law school, which, Yale Law students are learning the hard way, is not a sign of a judicial temperament.

The message needs to get out from Republicans that Durbin can have it one way or the other, but he cannot have both.  They need to read him the riot act and get the Brown Jackson record into the Senate hearings.

Image: Screen shot from Senator Durbin video posted on YouTube.

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