Democrats become ever more extreme in their claim that men are women

Just in time for Women's History Month, USA Today insanely names a male as one of its "women" of the year.  While transgender "women" are destroying girls' and women's sports, a USA Today columnist hailed assistant health secretary Richard/"Rachel" Levine as "a ground-breaking leader who credits family support for helping her [sic] succeed.  Admiral Levine wants her [sic] work to be a shining example for all."

A shining example?  That is a frightening thought!

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens said:

We have women that train all the way from the time that they're kids up through college to try to compete against other women. Now you can throw on a wig and say 'Actually, I am a woman too' and you can crush all of their records because it is so progressive it is actually regressive!'

It's gotten so bad that lesbians are now coming out (pun intended) against "transgender women." One of the greatest tennis players, Martina Navratilova, has suggested that there be an asterisk by the victory when male swimmers like "Lia" Thomas win women's competitions.  Acknowledging the obvious, Navratilova says men do exceedingly well in sports because they are men.

It's not about excluding transgender women [sic] from winning ever. But it is about not allowing them to win when they were not anywhere near winning as men.

Any day now, we expect Mickey Mouse to announce he wants to be Minnie.  In Florida, home of Disney World, EPCOT, and many family-oriented theme parks, Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed the Parental Rights in Education bill to protect young children from being groomed by predator teachers who want to discuss "gender realignment" with their young students without parents' knowledge.  Of course, a pro-children bill got the LGBTQ+ community angry.  (By the way, most Americans don't know what all those letters and the plus sign stand for.  Progressives should just use the entire alphabet since that seems to be the direction they want to go.)

Image: Don't dare deny that this man is a woman.  YouTube screen grab.

Because progressives make more noise than conservatives, Disney CEO Bob Chapek finally had to say blah-blah-blah he supports transgenders, blah-blah-blah he doesn't like the bill although he had no idea what was in it, blah-blah-blah come to overpriced Disney World, blah-blah-blah Disney will continue to partner with Communist China although the Chinese don't treat their gays or transgenders nicely, blah-blah-blah was that enough to make my liberal Disney employees happy?

California governor Gavin Newsom thinks the bill (slang name "Don't Say Gay") is the perfect opportunity to get back some of those Disney jobs that left the Golden State for the Sunshine State.  Newsom tweeted:

Disney, the door is open to bring those jobs back to California. The state that actually represents the values of your workers.

Other California values include obscenely high income and gas taxes, a booming homeless population invading middle- and upper-class neighborhoods, lack of water capture and conservation, rampant crime thanks to several pro-criminal George Soros district attorneys, a welcome mat for illegal aliens, expensive "bullet" trains to nowhere, nerve-wracking freeway gridlock, and bidding wars on slum houses that have seven-figure price tags.

But who cares?  What counts is that California's progressive one-party rule adores every lifestyle except the Judeo-Christian nuclear family.

But don't dare point out the obvious ridiculousness of calling a man...a man.  Twitter, which permanently banned President Donald Trump but continues to allow Russian president Vladimir Putin to post tweets, called Texas attorney general Ken Paxton's tweet about "Rachel" Levine being one of USA Today's women of the year "hateful conduct."

Goodness, what could Paxton have written that was so odious that Twitter had to label it hateful?  Paxton shared the USA Today women of the year newspaper article and added: "Rachel is a man."  Following the science, Paxton is not backing down.

Progressives get away with this nonsense because so many elected Republican officials and Republican organizations are timid.

  • Where are most of the Republicans in Congress?  Were they too busy passing a $1.5-trillion 2,700 -page spending bill they hadn't read?
  • Where is the Republican National Committee?  Were its members too busy starting their "pride" coalition?
  • Where is the National Federation of Republican Women with a national campaign?  What issue is more crucial to Republican women than males eroding what it means to be a woman?

And the Republican Party and Republican organizations wonder why so many conservatives are switching to No Party Preference!

Call him Rachel.  Call him Richard.  Whatever name you use, Levine is still a man.  If Americans don't stop this absurdity now, it's just a matter of time before the first female president of the United States is a man!

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