Democrat policies destroy lives

A gruesome crime of murder occurred in New Orleans this week. Four black teens, ages 15-17, walking down a sidewalk, decided to push a 73-year-old white lady, Linda Frickey,  out of her car and go for a joyride. As one of these teens pushed the pedal to the metal, the lady’s arm got caught in her seat belt strap. While all four teenagers were in the car, this lady was hanging out of her car being dragged in the street, that is until her body broke off from her arm still entangled in the seat belt. These teens continued to drive approximately ten minutes longer until they abandoned the car.

Linda Frickey

I have heard people tell me that politics does not affect them. They are 100% incorrect. The policies of our politicians affect everything in our lives. This murder is a result of Democrat policies. The three main policies pushed by Democrats affecting crime are: defund the police, critical race theory (best described as hate whitey), and free or reduced sentences of criminals. All three of these policies have been marketed to our citizens -- and our children have taken notice.  

Not only do these encourage bad behavior, but these three policies are also precisely designed to do this. The transformation of our country was was promised by Obama.  Our country has to be destroyed from within. When the police departments are rid of all the decent men and women, and when our children see no future because of bad white people, and the criminals have taken over our cities, civility dies. Who will be ready to take over our cities and states when the damage is too much? Someone is waiting in the wings to take control over our lives, and I hope to never find out who.

Can anyone doubt how these four black teens would have responded to Republican policies, had they been in place consistently during their formative years? Respect for our police, respect for the Constitution, our freedoms, and learning how our country is the greatest on earth.  And criminals go to jail. We were on this path, and it was good. Our people need to realize that something is seriously wrong when kids have no morals, remorse, or compassion for their fellow human beings. The Democrats are destroying lives, and I think it is on purpose.

Photo credit: Facebook, via UKDM

 Bob Smith is a pen name

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