Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx has an insane take on Jussie Smollett's case

Kim Foxx, who achieved her position as Cook County state's attorney (i.e., the Chicago D.A.), has written an opinion piece that's ostensibly about Jussie Smollett's case but that actually lets us look into the bizarre and backward world of leftist "justice," bought and paid for with George Soros money.  

The Jussie Smollett saga began in the deep winter in Chicago in 2019.  Smollett, the gay star of a show called Empire that was targeted to Black audiences, claimed he'd ventured out in the cold at 3 A.M. to get himself a Subway sandwich.  He said that two White men in MAGA hats insulted and assaulted him, hanging a noose around his neck and dousing him with bleach.  As Dave Chappelle memorably pointed out, no one with any sense would have believed the story.

However, because Smollett was connected to famous Black activists, had television fame, and had alleged an anti-Black hate crime, the Chicago police felt compelled to take the case seriously.  Their investigation soon revealed that Smollett, fearing that his Empire contract might not be renewed, had hired two Nigerian brothers (one of whom was a sometime lover) to participate in a hoax.  When the truth came out through a special prosecutor's efforts, and despite a grand jury indictment, Foxx refused to prosecute Smollett.

During his eventual trial, Smollett lied under oath, even as cold, hard evidence (video footage, the brothers' testimony, etc.) revealed the hoax for all to see.  The jury found Smollett guilty on five felony counts, all associated with lying to the police.

Yesterday, the judge sentenced Smollett to 150 days in jail, which seems remarkably light for the fraud he committed against the City of Chicago, as well as $25,000 in fines.  The judge lambasted Smollett for wasting valuable police time in a city that is overwhelmed with real crime and for inflaming racial and sexual hatred.  Smollett listened silently, but, when the judge stopped, he yelled, "I am not suicidal.  If I did this, then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of Black people for over 400 years.  If anything happens to me when I go in there, I did not do it to myself, and you must all know that."  He also repeatedly professed his innocence.

That entire story is obviously a black mark against Foxx.  Therefore, she took to the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times to give her version of the Smollett story.  And that's where you find out that the abuse of city resources wasn't Smollett's self-aggrandizing hoax.  Instead, the abuse was the Smollett trial, which came about because people who hate Black female prosecutors wanted to humiliate her, as they've been doing across America to other female Black prosecutors:

Image: Kim Foxx (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

On Thursday, the damaging, costly, and disingenuous criminal prosecution of Jussie Smollett came to an end. As Cook County State's Attorney, it pains me deeply to say that, in this particular case, our justice system failed.


Given the reputational price Smollett paid, the $10,000 bond we held, and the fact that he'd never been accused of a violent crime, my office made the decision not to further pursue a criminal conviction. This story should have ended there, as thousands upon thousands of non-prosecuted cases do every day. 

Instead, taxpayers have since spent millions of dollars for the criminal prosecution of a hoax. Last year alone there were over 800 murders in Chicago. My administration has vacated over 177 wrongful convictions, 87 of those in the last 3 years. Rather than working collaboratively to stem rising crime or free the wrongly convicted, a small group of people hijacked the judicial system to enact what is best described as mob justice. 


Sadly, these tactics are becoming common. Black women elected prosecutors around the country have faced the same mob mentality. In Boston, then-District Attorney Rachael Rollins chose not to prosecute 36 people arrested for peacefully protesting a discriminatory charade called the Straight Pride Parade. In an attempted end-run around Rollins' prosecutorial discretion, a crusading Municipal Court judge pursued charges anyway and was stopped only by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. In St. Louis, opponents of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardener are working to revoke her law license as retribution for her decision to prosecute former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who was accused of taking nude photographs of a woman he had tied up. (Charges against Mr. Greitens were eventually dropped.) 

Just to be clear, charges against Greiten were dropped because he was entirely innocent and had been the victim of a purely political Democrat hit job.

The entire article continues in the same vein, turning leftist government bullies into helpless victims while maligning the innocent and whitewashing the guilty.  It is a masterpiece of the type of dishonesty one expects from a sociopath.  (Whether Foxx is a sociopath is something only her therapist, if she has one, knows for sure.)

Foxx's editorial was so delusional that people working in the Cook County court system pushed back.  As far as they're concerned, the essay was an attempt to distract people from her procedural and ethical failings. 

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