Cinderella team St. Peter's and its BLM shirts bomb out of March Madness

In the end, the glass slipper gave Cinderella a nasty blister.  St. Peter's University had been the darling of the NCAA college basketball March Madness Tournament until it met the Tarheels of North Carolina Sunday and lost by 20 points.

As St. Peter's moved deeper into the tournament, they gained enormous publicity, media interest, and potential revenue to the tune of some 70 to 100 million dollars in "marketing exposure" for a school whose existence most Americans were unaware of before the tournament commenced.  Their winning and charming ways up to Sunday have made them number one among fans of purchased school shirts and merchandise.

Yet seeing a bunch of kids from a small urban school advertising on their tee shirts, "Black Lives Matter," should be a concern for the American public and fanatics of college basketball and alums of the school.  (The team's shirts did not carry the BLM slogan when losing to North Carolina.)

YouTube screen grab.

BLM is "yesterday's news."  In fact, the Marxist group has lost its appeal, with fewer than half of all Americans supporting the movement.  Rather, BLM has demonstrated a violent, destructive  side, and its leadership appear to be hypocrites who have gotten millions of dollars to purchase homes in primarily white neighborhoods.

For a Roman Catholic institution founded by the very liberal Jesuit order, the BLM movement should be antithetical to Catholic teaching, doctrine, and ideology.  The Church believes that ALL LIVES MATTER from conception to death.  For Catholics, the soul is the most important component of the faithful, regardless of race, ethnicity, or color.  Marxism touts atheism, secularism, and materialism of the world here and now.  In fact, the SPU website makes that clear in its "Cura Personalis."

Don't all lives matter anymore to the Roman Catholic Church, to the Jesuit order, to the community St. Peter's University?

Here's hoping SPU's community re-thinks  its views.

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