Biden's America: The inmates are running the asylum

How does one sanely describe what has happened to the United States since Joe Biden was inaugurated?  The nation has been effectively ruined by the policies of Biden's band of incompetents; every Cabinet member is a disaster, promoted for his previous record of failure.  Not one of them is qualified for the jobs they've been given.  They were each chosen for precisely the wrong reason: their race, sex, or leftist/green activism.

Consider Jennifer Granholm as energy secretary.  She is inexplicably ignorant about energy, where it comes from, and what it costs.  Buttigieg as transportation secretary, the failed mayor of South Bend, has not a clue about transportation beyond telling all Americans to buy electric cars.  Chances are he has no idea about the costs and downsides of E.V.s.  Considering the problem of disposal of the batteries when they die, electric vehicles do far more damage to the environment than fossil fuels.  Biden's ridiculous promise to end American dependence on fossil fuel is a stupid pipe dream.  Fossil fuel is the engine of democracy, of civilization.  To suggest we can live without it is pure sophistry.

Consider Cabinet members Jake Sullivan, Ned Pryce, Janet Yellen, and Anthony Blinken.  Each of them has a record of incompetence and failure, even criminality.  Sullivan was party to the fabrication of the Russia hoax.  Yellen, formerly of the Fed, now claims that the American people are economically in "good shape."  Biden and Pelosi both hilariously claim that government spending is not causing the worst inflation in forty years.  Pelosi even said it is "reducing our debt."

These are very stupid people.  They lie as they breathe.  Jen Psaki, who always speaks before she thinks, is a veritable machine of lies.  She hears a question, then someone pulls the string in her back, and she begins spewing a word salad of non-answers.  She always begins with "What I would say is..."  She is saying it, for heaven's sake.

As evident to all by now, Biden is suffering from advancing dementia, so he is clearly not making any of the policy decisions that now bedevil America.  Cutting off our vast supplies of oil is sheer moonbattery, as if Air Force One will soon be able to take off on solar or wind power.  And yet Biden promises that "net zero" is near.  Not even close.  Fossil fuel is the gift that keeps on giving and will for eternity.

Those who continue to hawk the hoax of climate change as a means to subdue the world's population are mind-numbed cultists whose dreams of a fossil-fuel-free world will never be realized, certainly not in their lifetimes.  And yet, we are currently benighted by these authoritarian dreamers who think they can and should be able to control how the rest of us live our lives.

They seem to most of us to be certifiably insane, clueless about the spirit of the American people and their love of freedom.  Seduced by the likes of Klaus Schwab and his WEF globalist vision of a utopian/dystopian future under the auspices of self-appointed elites like himself, we should all awaken to the threat these people present to us with their "great reset" nonsense.  Have no doubt: the COVID pandemic was phase one of their grand plan.  But millions of Americans are not complying, and they are angry about that.

The swamp that is D.C. is known for promoting the incompetent.  How else to explain Joe Biden's rise to president?  He was always a failed senator, a grifter who used his position to cheat and enrich himself.  The same goes for the Clintons, the Obamas, and a host of other swamp-dwellers.  They were all sold to us as the "smartest people in the room" but they are actually the most venal people in any room.

So enamored of their own superiority, they think nothing of fabricating a tall tale about the outsider presidential candidate to take him out.  When he won despite the cheating that they thought ensured a Clinton victory, they doubled down on their criminality; they invented the Russia hoax that enveloped and hampered the Trump presidency.

That despicable stunt has possibly led us to the Russia/Ukraine war now dominating the world.  Russia never wanted Trump to win the 2016 election for now obvious reasons: he was a strong, American First leader.  The Russians wanted Hillary as they wanted Biden — thoroughly corruptible pols who would do their bidding.

We can only guess who is making American policy since Biden was installed in the Oval Office.  Biden is a done deal, an empty suit, a front for whoever behind the scenes is pulling his strings, writing the speeches on his teleprompter that he can barely read.  Obama?  Eric Holder?  Susan Rice?  Valerie Jarrett?  Who knows?

What we do know is that they are intent on the destruction of America as founded.  Biden and his radical greens mean to destroy America by destroying the engine of civilization, fossil fuel.  Their arrogance is so front and center that the mind-numbed Buttigieg thinks everyone can afford an electric vehicle to avoid high gas prices!  He does not drive one; neither does Biden or Harris, but they are all quick to malign all who do not fall for the false notion that E.V.s are the answer to "climate change," which was always a hoax from the outset.  One has to wonder if Buttigieg knows where the power comes from for all those chargers he wants spread across America.

Ukraine has long been the playground of the corrupt Democrats and their kids.  Operatives in Ukraine worked with Democrats to defeat Trump in 2016.  The bulk of campaign money funneled to Hillary's campaign came from Ukraine.  Adam Schiff has financial ties to Ukraine.  The Biden family has been fabulously enriched by dallying in business there.  See Peter Schweizer's book Red-Handed.

The pro-Western government installed by the Obama administration in 2014 has been betrayed by those American Deep Staters who have for years been provoking Putin with the possibility that Ukraine would be admitted to NATO.  Did Biden's handlers think that by aggravating Putin into invading Ukraine, he would be overthrown?  That is not likely.  Biden's sanctions are making Putin more popular among his own people and hurting Americans!

Every calculation made by this administration has been disastrous from the day Biden was inaugurated: effectively putting a stop to American oil production; the untimely withdrawal from Afghanistan, which signaled Biden's fecklessness to the world; printing money to the point where the dollar is becoming worthless; and possibly kick-starting WWIII.  Can the country survive this president?  It does not look good.

Photo credit: VjmlhdsCC By-SA 4.0 license.

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