Biden is taking the 'fine people' hoax overseas

Joe Biden opened his campaign for president by smearing Donald Trump with what's come to be known as the "fine people" hoax, which accuses Trump of calling neo-Nazis "very fine people."  The lie has been repeatedly and conclusively debunked, but the truth has never stopped Joe Biden.  While in Brussels, Biden once again asserted that lie.  Because it is a lie of such momentous proportions, especially after the madness following George Floyd's drug-induced death, it needs to be debunked every time.

The quick background is that, in 2017, Charlottesville, VA, decided to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee.  Fanatics on both sides (neo-Nazis, BLM, Antifa, etc.) gathered there to support or protest the decision.  Additionally, there were people there who, while having no truck with the Confederacy or racism, believed it's a mistake when a country decides to mimic the French Revolution or Mao's Cultural Revolution and erase its history entirely.  A neo-Nazi drove his car into a crowd, killing a young woman.

In the aftermath, the media asked Trump for his take on events there.  Here is everything Trump said:

You can read more about the hoax from Scott Adams at the link above.  You must scroll down the page a bit to get to the text.

Obviously, any sentient being can see that Trump very explicitly did not call neo-Nazis very fine people.  However, that didn't stop the House, when it impeached Trump after he'd already left office, from playing a deceptively edited video to falsely claim that he did.  Trump's attorney, David Schoen, played the entire, unedited video, exposing the Democrat lie.  Again, any sentient being can see that Trump never called neo-Nazis very fine people.

The problem is that the person currently in the White House is only semi-sentient.  Add that to a lifetime of dishonesty and both financial and moral corruption, and what you end up with is Biden standing in Brussels and again accusing Trump of calling neo-Nazis "very fine people":

It seems inadequate at this point to say that Biden is despicable.  Shakespeare, perhaps, is up to the task:

"A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality."

"I'll beat thee, but I would infect my hands."

"More of your conversation would infect my brain."

"That trunk of humours, that bolting-hutch of beastliness, that swollen parcel of dropsies, that huge bombard of sack, that stuffed cloak-bag of guts, that roasted Manningtree ox with pudding in his belly, that reverend vice, that grey Iniquity, that father ruffian, that vanity in years?"

"Like the toad; ugly and venomous." "Thou art unfit for any place but hell."

"Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch!"

"Thou subtle, perjur'd, false, disloyal man!"

Actually, having unleashed that Shakespearean invective, I feel better.  Nothing in our modern language quite describes Biden, both as a man and a politician, better than anything Shakespeare has written.  I recommend you try it. 

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