Biden denies saying every bad, stupid, scary thing he said last week

As every media outlet in the world reported last week, Joe Biden said three remarkable things: that America's military would be heading into Ukraine, that it was possible America would use chemical weapons, and that Putin needed to be removed from power, which presumably was either a call for Putin's assassination or for regime change (which Putin probably wouldn't survive).  In each case, the White House went into emergency damage control.  Now, though, Biden denies saying any one of those things.  Is this a broken brain or his usual narcissistic dishonesty?

One of the coolest things about malignant narcissism, if you happen to be the narcissist, is that you never tell a lie.  It's possible other people might perceive you as lying or even accuse you of lying, but the fact is that you never lie — and you have the passed lie detector tests to prove it.

You see, the deal about being a malignant narcissist is that there is only one truth: yours.  Whatever you need to say at any given moment, either to achieve an advantage or to protect yourself, instantly becomes the one, the only, the absolute truth.

That's the world in which Biden, a compulsive liar, has always existed.  However, when he was one senator among many — especially among many who shared the same trait — his chronic lying was less obvious.  For most people, it first burst into view during his 1987 run for the presidency, when he told a series of lies about his educational abilities and plagiarized a speech from a British politician.

After that, "Joe Biden lies" was a known fact, but most people ignored it.  All politicians lie, they would say.  As president, though, especially one who presents as slowly losing his marbles, it's harder for Biden's flacks in and out of the media to hide the fact that Joe always and only tells his own truth, with no concern for whether it aligns with objective facts.

That's how you end up with this amazing dialogue between Joe Biden and Fox's Peter Doocy:

DOOCY: Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?

BIDEN: What's getting walked back?

DOOCY: It may sound like, just in the last couple days — it sounded like you told U.S. troops they were going Ukraine. It sounded like you said it was possible the U.S. would use a chemical weapon. And it sounded like you were calling for regime change in Russia and we know —

BIDEN: None of the three occurred.

DOOCY: None of the three occurred?

BIDEN: None of the three. You interpret the language that way.

Biden then contends that his talk about troops going into Ukraine was really about troops staying in Poland to train Ukraine fighters.  That doesn't explain his saying they'd see brave women stand up to Russian tanks.  If there are Russian tanks in Poland, we've got a whole new set of problems.  So that's a lie.

On the subject of chemical weapons, other than saying that, should Russia use such weapons, there'd be a significant response, Biden said he wasn't going to tell Peter Doocy anything.  Last week, though, he said America would "deliver a response in kind."  Maybe he meant a kind response...

Biden sounded convincing as he told those lies, something that was probably helped along by the cheat sheets clutched in his hand:

Malignant narcissist or demented?  I'm inclined to believe that it's mostly the former with a touch of the latter.  But who cares what I think?  What matters is how the world's nuclear-armed evil actors are sizing up the man in the White House.  If they were religiously inclined, they might say of him, "You have been weighed and found wanting."

Image: Biden lies.  Twitter screen grab.

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