Benghazi II? Biden White House oddly silent about Iran's missile attack in Irbil

While global focus has been on Russia's scorched earth campaign across Ukraine, Iran's malevolent mullahs haven't been napping.

According to the Washington Post:

BAGHDAD — Iran claimed responsibility Sunday for a barrage of ballistic missiles that hit northern Iraq just after midnight, striking several kilometers from a U.S. compound and drawing sharp condemnation from the Iraqi and U.S. capitals.

The semiofficial Fars news agency said that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps had launched “powerful missiles” in response for what it described as “recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime,” an apparent reference to the killing of two of its members last week in Syria, which it has blamed on Israel.

The attack appeared to mark a significant escalation in proxy and political conflicts on Iraqi soil as talks between Iran and the United States over the future of a 2015 nuclear deal shattered by President Donald Trump falter.

Other reports say that it was a U.S. military base or U.S. military/intelligence complex inside Irbil airport, as the WaPo reports, that got hit. Whatever it was, it was close.

Which is some amazing timing given that Joe Biden is poised to give the mullahs the deal of a lifetime with his determination to revive the Obama-era Iran deal, known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), even if he's got Vladimir Putin brokering it. President Trump scrapped it and took out Iran's terrorist leadership instead. It's not know why Biden is still sticking to this bad idea, especially with Putin involved. Perhaps the mullahs think Biden will give them their pallets of cash without the deal. But most likely, they smell weakness from the White House and are comfortable giving handsy Joe a beating. One is certain, though: The attack shows that they have absolutely no fear of Biden or losing the deal he wants to hand them.

But Biden is indeed planning to get that deal through, attack or no attack, and despite his current disputes with Putin, who wants sanctions exemptions for Iran trade that Biden doesn't want to give. According to the Wall Street Journal, the show must go on:

European officials say Russia had promised to respond with its precise demands for guarantees in the next few days. The U.S. official said if Russia presses its guarantee demands or doesn’t reply “in the coming week,” Washington would need to “very quickly consider an alternative path.”

Which is to say carrying on without Russia's tender and even-handed mediation services.

Here's what the blasts looked like:

And what does the Biden administration have to say about this?

Nobody wanted their name on that statement.

There's a lot of downplaying of the idea that the U.S. was the target, with various characters saying it was some kind of tit-for-tat activity with Israel.

But a lot of evidence suggests the target was us:

The attack happened on or nearly on the birthday of Qasem Soleimani, the Iran Revolutionary Guards terrorist chieftain who was rubbed out by President Trump in 2020, and the Guards have long said that they are planning revenge. Coincidence? Well, we know they like anniversaries.

The Guards were open about their violence, apparently suspecting that doddering Biden was incapable of recognizing anything subtle. Iran denied the matter at first, but rapidly changed their minds and brazenly declared that they did it after the mealy-mouthed U.S. response.

But White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki has kept radio silence. The White House has said nothing. The State department has put out some mealy-mouthed palaver. The whole thing is being narrated as a non-story while the Biden deal with Iran goes on.

Which all suggests that maybe they want that deal a lot more than the trigger-happy mullahs do.

If Joe Biden had a scintilla of self-respect or advocacy for America, he'd cut off those Iran deal talks right then and there. You don't negotiate with thugs still trying to kill you on the side.

But what we see is a downplaying of the fiery missile attack that was at least close to the U.S.'s very few presences now in the Middle East, which is sure to invite more missile attacks. Yet they don't want to say anything. It's redolent of Benghazi 2012, where another U.S. installation was attacked by terrorists and Obama-era officials such as Susan Rice, made the television rounds to insist it was nothing more than an overexcited mob and an insulting-to-Islam video, not a planned attack. Of course, it was planned, and Obama was running for re-election. That coverup was appalling as it was based solely on domestic political considerations and too bad about the dead diplomats. Rice, of course, is now a top Biden advisor.

Now we have this, and a Biden administration determined to get its wretched deal with the mullahs through. Suddenly, they are looking the other way on that attack in Irbil. What's wrong with this picture?

 Image: Twitter video screen shot

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