A Quinnipiac poll reveals that most Democrats are delusional and unpatriotic

A Quinnipiac poll published on March 7, 2022, gave a remarkable insight into the state of the country in terms of its political divisions.  It has long been suspected that Democrats care more about their party than the country, and the recent polls provide strong evidence supporting that opinion.  The poll indicates that most Democrats will never criticize a Democrat president despite a disastrous job performance.  But more troubling is what the Quinnipiac poll revealed: a majority of Democrats do not love this country enough to stay and defend her in case of war.

Presidential Job Approval: Given the disastrous performance of the current administration, including over 600,000 COVID deaths in America, the border crisis, the Afghanistan fiasco, high inflation, record-high gas prices, supply chain problems, bare shelves at stores, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is difficult to recall a single thing this administration can offer as a success.  As expected, Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Biden administration by 91% to 6%.  Independents follow with 51% to 30% disapproval.

But Democrats approve of Biden's performance by a remarkable 83% to 13%.  In terms of strong approval or disapproval, 86% of Republicans strongly disapprove, 41% of independents strongly disapprove — but 47% of Democrats strongly approve.  For Democrats, it appears that approval is not based on job performance, reality, or the good of the country; rather, it exclusively depends on whether the president is a Democrat.

Image: American Military Uniforms (with few of the men pictured statistically likely to be Democrats).  U.S. Army photo of soldiers from USARPAC Headquarters Support Company.

Stay and Fight: Another part of the poll asked if the responder would stay and fight for the United States if the country were attacked and invaded.  "If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?"

Republicans indicated they would overwhelmingly stay and fight 55%-38%.  Independents likewise would stay and fight by an even greater 57% to 36%.  However, Democrats would flee the country 52%-40%.

So the point is made that the Democrat party will approve of a Democrat president despite a disastrous record.  At the same time, most Democrats would not stay and defend their own country if it were attacked.

The complete poll can be found here

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