A Pulitzer Prize–winning NY Times journalist agrees with you about January 6

There's nothing like an admiring young woman to get a leftist to boast about his job — and when that leftist is the New York Times' Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, Matthew Rosenberg, those boasts prove that at least one person at the New York Times knows that the left's overwrought narrative about January 6 is a lie.  We know this because Project Veritas is out with another video capturing a leftist explaining yet another con that Democrats are pulling on America to advance their agenda.

In the roughly five minutes Rosenberg spends boasting to the Project Veritas undercover agent, we learn that the New York Times' congressional correspondents are twenty-somethings who are "f------ b-----" because they're complete cowards; that these twenty-somethings "were making too big a deal.  They were making this an organized thing that wasn't"; and, as the New York Times already conceded, that "there were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol."

Image: Matthew Rosenberg.  YouTube video.

Rosenberg emphasizes that January 6 was "no big deal" and was inflated only because the young reporters ("f------ b-----" and "f------ dweebs") "keep going on about their trauma" when, in fact, they were "not in any danger."

However, despite knowing that the FBI was on the ground, that the media's coverage was deliberately hysterical, and that nothing had really been organized, Rosenberg cheerfully worked on a New York Times piece purporting to blow up the conservative "big lies" that January 6 was "No Big Deal" or a "Left-Wing Plot."  In fact, Rosenberg reveals what you always knew: January 6 was not an insurrection, you're not crazy to want to know more about the FBI's presence and activities on that day, and the media hate you.

One more thing: Please note that this über-leftist, in addition to having a limited spoken vocabulary that seems to rely heavily on mindless obscenities, calls a woman a "chick," which probably is enough to get him lynched.  He also admits that there's censorship at the Times, preventing him from using expressions such as "man up" when confronted with the quivering "f------ b------," who were apparently deeply traumatized by seeing conservatives walk through the Capitol:

Project Veritas promises to drop another video in which we'll hear more from Rosenberg.  I can't wait. 

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