Wokester bloodbath: Blue San Francisco throws out three Board of Education leftists by monster margins

It wasn't even close.

San Francisco Democrats turned hard on three far-left Board of Education members who kept public schools on lockdown, focused on changing the names of storied old schools, and told Asians to go to hell on merit-based admissions to the few good ones.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco voters overwhelmingly supported the ouster of three school board members Tuesday in the city’s first recall election in nearly 40 years.

The landslide decision means board President Gabriela López and members Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga will officially be removed from office and replaced by mayoral appointments 10 days after the election is officially accepted by the Board of Supervisors.

The new board members are likely to take office in mid-March. The three were the only school board members who had served long enough to be eligible for a recall.

The margins, according to the Chronicle, were 79% to 21% to boot Collins; 75% to 25% to oust Lopez, and 72% to 28% to kick Moliga to the curb. As the Chron notes, they were on the ballot because they could be on the ballot -- the rest likely would have been thrown out too, were they eligible. The city will hold new elections in seven months, but San Francisco voters couldn't wait even that long to let these particular leftists know.

The only word for this is 'bloodbath.' It's Gotterdammerung time for the wokester leftists who've turned the city into a dump. Looking at you, Chesa Boudin -- whose own recall vote comes on June 7.

News reports focused on the Asian-American turnout, which was high, but that wasn't the half of it. Most of the San Francisco Democratic Clubs, which serve as the base and muscle for the Democrats in that city, endorsed at least some of the bootings, or could not come up with a strong enough quorum to get an endorsement to ask to keep these sorry creatures. These are all hard-left radical Democrats, activists, none of these people are run-of-the-mill people who just vote Democrat, and they include all races and neighborhoods. 12 of the 22 clubs and other key political outlets such as unions and newspapers had at least one 'yes' on recalling these bounders in their endorsement columns, 11 if you subtract the GOP Club. Ten had all 'no's, one was mixed endorsements.

Of the 10 that wanted to keep the creeps, 4 had blank spaces on some candidates, meaning, they had some pretty divided voting and could not reach a quorum to endorse. The only clubs and political outlets that endorsed to keep all of these losers were the United Educators of San Francisco (a radical labor union), the San Francisco Labor Council, the SF Latinx Democratic Club (which drew 10 members to its Zoom struggle session to decide the endorsement), the District 11 Democratic Club (which represents the run-down Excelsior and Outer Mission districts -- on the grounds of fiscal discipline, you see, and it was pretty clear they were addressing dissenters in their ranks by using those grounds, too, quantifying their endorsement with "regardless of how you feel about the candidates"), the SF Berniecrats (self-explanatory), and the Central City Democrats, who, based on their lousy website, appear marginal. 

The big broad ones and the ones that are big clubs loaded with Asian-American voters -- the Edwin Lee Asian-Pacific Democratic Club, the Chinese-American Democratic Club, GrowSF, and the United Democratic Club went all in for throwing the bums out. Suburban white women type clubs such as the Noe Valley Democratic Club (Noe Valley is pretty sylvan even in the middle of the city just south of the Castro) and the Potrero Hill Democratic Club, the Castro district's Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, and the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club, representing ritzy downtown, came very close to full-slate endorsements for recall.

Take a look at this endorsement chart from the San Francisco Standard, a local outlet, here.

So it couldn't have been a big surprise to the Democrats, who know how their city operates politically, that the voters were against them.

 Collins, who lost by the biggest margin, was an unusually disgusting creature. She repeatedly made racist statements targeting Asian-Americans.

Asians, you see, use “white supremacist thinking” to “get ahead,” Collins opined. "Being a house n****r is still a n****r, she tweeted. “Many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the ‘model minority’ BS,” she kept digging. 


If you're Asian-American, you'd have to be a masochist to vote for that. 

The issues themselves on education, though, were at the heart of the matter. Much attention has been paid to the focus on the renaming of schools, but the big one appears to be the scrapping of merit-based admissions to the elite schools, based on "overrepresentation" of Asian-Americans, which is about as offensive a term to Asian-Americans of any political stripe as such words can get. See this powerful tweet from a pragmatic and serious Democrat back east named Yuh-Line Niou who is Asian-American here.

You can work your keister off as a kid to get top grades, but it no longer matters -- the board wokesters made admission by lottery and if your number didn't come up, you'd get the crappy, substandard school with the teachers who didn't care if you passed or failed.

The board has run the district so badly that nearly 10% of the parents have pulled their children from San Francisco's public school system, and the district faces the loss of state funding as a result. According to Vision Times:

According to San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), the city’s public schools have lost over 1,700 students in the past year. Enrollment was already down by 1,000 at the beginning of the year, and 700 more left during the course of the year.

By the end of the 2021 school year, the district counted 50,955 students, 3.25 percent less than the 52,669 students the year prior. The greatest drop was seen in the number of white students, with enrollment falling by 299 students, or 4 percent, during 2021.

Kindergarten applications from white families fell by a staggering 55 percent, while kindergarten registration overall fell by 374 students to 3,504, a 9.64 percent decline. The loss of kindergarten students will have a sizable negative impact on the school district in the coming decade as students move up the grades, officials said to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Claire Raj, a mother of three, told the media outlet that the district let down schools and students this year. She removed her kids from McCoppin Elementary public school and enrolled them in a private school. “It’s something we had never considered, going to private school. We aren’t Catholic… Once we started considering it, it seemed we just didn’t have any choice,” she said.

The decline in students could result in a loss of up to 20 million dollars for the school district in terms of state funding. The district is already facing a deficit of up to 100 million dollars out of a 1 billion dollar budget in the next few years.

That's a disaster. If they can't run a school district that far-left parents want to send their kids to, why are these freaks still where they are? I can't help but feel that maybe one reason the 18-year-old gold-medal-winning Olympic skier Eileen Gu opted to ski for China instead of the U.S. was that she was educated in these San Francisco schools. [Note: A reader has informed us that Gu attended two very pricy private schools in San Francisco: Katherine Delmar Burke from K-8 and SF University High 8-12. But still, the San Francisco effect is real....] She likely was taught that America was a terrible racist place and needed to go. She likely was taught that one system was as good as another. Combine it with black-on-Asian racism, of which she had been a victim, and the place would have to seem toxic in myriad ways. It's obviously part of a slew of problems in that school district -- and Asian-American parents have demonstrated that they recognize it with this vote, and have the political muscle to demand better.

Ed Driscoll points out at Instapundit that it's part of the Great Parent Revolt which has galvanized parents across the country to reject wokesterism in education and vote with their feet (and ballots) to get rid of it. Big shifts happened in Virginia in the past gubernatorial election, and now an even more shocking result has rocked San Francisco, which is the bluest city in the nation. Does anyone expect this to die down now that it's gone bipartisan? If anything, it will get bigger.

Some analysts are pooh-poohing the idea that this election will affect other elections, but that doesn't recognize the scope of this shift. The next issue to come up is violent crime, which if anything, affects even more San Franciscans, given the low number of kids who have parents who can afford to live in the Bay Area, and the high number of small businesses, and young singles, particularly women, who are often targeted by violent criminals. How could it be anything other than a political earthquake? 

Color this recall election a turning point. If this doesn't wake up Democrats about the need to start paying attention to something besides wokesterism, nothing will. They'll get a lot of these kinds of results.

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