Will Canada's truckers score a victory for all free people?

On Wednesday in Ottawa, a police officer stepped into a bar to deliver a message from the Canadian government to the truckers protesting Canada's vaccine mandates.  In the course of his videotaped delivery, among other things, he said: 

Remove your trucks yourselves now ... or ... you will be forfeiting the trucks to the Crown and those associated with those trucks will be arrested.

One trucker responded to the officer, "Just remove the mandates, and we'll leave."

Apparently, that was an option the police were not yet willing to consider. 

Thursday morning, Ottawa Police Service chief Peter Sloly raised the stakes.  At a press conference, he said (emphasis added):

All plans are on the table to end the protest in Ottawa ... from negotiated to enforced removal[.] ... [O]fficers have been working with city and police legal services teams to pursue an injunction against the protesters and have considered military involvement.

Thus, for Canadians — and those around the world who are watching this drama play out — the question presently seems to be, will one side blink...or, will there be a civil war? 

Hopefully, the latter will not be put into play.  Because of the absence of a Second Amendment in that country, a civil war would, at best, be a lopsided affair.  

But, the bigger question is, why?  

What is it that has brought Canadians to this precipice?  

A vax mandate?  


Everyone with half a brain knows by now that the vaccinations being mandated not only in Canada but around the world are a joke.  They don't work, as proven by Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau himself.  Twice jabbed, he still claims to have gotten COVID at the same time that he fled the truckers arriving in Ottawa and seemed to need a reason to justify his skipping town.  Thus, he has now made himself nothing less than the poster boy for the proposition that when it comes to getting COVID, even the vaxxed are often out of luck.

So why is he insisting on prolonging this truckers' debacle and possibly even calling the military down on his own people when his cause — that all must be vaccinated against a virus with a 99% survival rate, barring the presence of co-morbidities — has become such a joke in terms of its negligible positive impact on the general population?  

Is it possible that the mandate issue is only symbolic of a greater cause that is presently at stake, not only in Canada but in nations around the world: the forfeiture of people's liberty to some form of a globalist government tyranny?  Concurrent similar events in Australia, the United States, and nations across Europe suggest this to be a very real possibility — that, like Canada, has resulted in massive gatherings of people protesting their governments' efforts to control their lives, businesses, employment, and education with an iron fist.  

Which side will bend their knee in submission to the other — the people or their governments? 

Will the voice of the people for freedom be heard and prevail, or will it be silenced?  Will the right of people to assemble and protest their government be acknowledged and valued, or will it be stilled by governments intent upon ruling by diktat?  Will the governments respond to the wishes of what some have come to call We The People, or will the leaders of those governments call in the military to enforce their will, dictating that their subjects shall submit and obey, regardless of the impact their edicts may have upon the rights of the people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? 

In Canada, time will tell. 

The answer to these questions lies presently in the hands of men like Justin Trudeau.  Pray for all in Canada that he choose wisely, or he may succeed only in making his citizens wish they had a Second Amendment like their neighbors to the south.  

Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney, the author of A Barrister's Tales and The Declaration of Liberty (2021 A.D.), and a contributing editor at The Declaration Report.  A former research associate at The Heritage Foundation, he is a graduate of UCLA and Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law.  He may be contacted regarding this editorial at cliffordnichols.com/contact.

Image via Joint Base Andrews, public domain.

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