What will the Canadian truckers do?

Justin Trudeau has ordered the seizure of all assets, the freezing of bank accounts, and the cancelation of credit cards for all persons identified by the government to be either directly or indirectly participating in, or supporting, the truckers who are protesting his vaccine mandate.

In short, those Canadians exercising their right to assemble and speak freely in opposition to their government's policies will no longer be allowed to even buy food, pay rent, or otherwise provide for their families.  And all this is in addition to their being arrested and forfeiting their trucks to the Crown. 

Their crime?

Nothing more than their disagreeing with certain policies of Trudeau.  Apparently, they feel strongly that it is their right to be able to make their own health care decisions independent of any coercion from their government. 

From one perspective, one could say this impasse is about a vaccine.  But is it really?  If this were all about the health of people, why would Trudeau want to risk some of his citizens being injured and perhaps even shot if they resist...all in order to protect their health?   Hardly is this a political strategy easily explained from a public health perspective. 

Thus, perhaps a more accurate perspective would hold that the protest sanctions are truly being imposed to punish the truckers for their refusal to obey Trudeau.  Their protests, in essence, challenge his power, and that power is to inviolate — at least, in the mind of elitists like Trudeau.

Meanwhile, the people in charge in New Zealand have warned vaccine mandate protesters in that country that if they don't obey, the military will soon be called in to enforce the government's totalitarian edict.   

Imagine...if they don't let their government protect their health, their government is willing to shoot them, provided that starving them and their families to death doesn't work first. 

Given these human rights atrocities in the works, the question now before the eyes of the world is not whether this is tyranny.  It is, how will the protesters in these countries respond to the tyranny now being displayed before the world?

Will they stand firm and resist the theft of their liberties, come what may?  Or will they bend their knees and submit to the tyrants who are now staring them in the face?

If they choose the latter course in the hope that things will eventually get better with the passage of time, they will do well to remind themselves of one inescapable historical fact: tyrannies that go unchallenged rarely — if ever — voluntarily choose to change course and gratuitously improve the lot of those they have been allowed to oppress.

If the option were available to protesters, it would no doubt facilitate the making of this decision were they able to ask the survivors of the Holocaust how it worked out for their friends and families who at one time thought their compliance and submission to the edicts of Hitler would gain them some favor by his regime.  Indeed, submissive compliance was the thought of many in Germany prior to World War II, and it supplanted their desire to resist the evils descending upon them.  In fact, even in the early years of the war, it was a thought many clung to...right up to the point when they disembarked from the trains that delivered them to places like Auschwitz.

Whatever people like the Canadian truckers decide to do, one can only hope they are aware that people like them in countries around the whole world are watching...and, while holding their breath, are awaiting their decision.   

The prayers of many are being lifted up around the world!   

May the truckers be afforded the wisdom to choose wisely — perhaps like the one courageous Canadian trucker who today responded to Trudeau by saying: 

Come, take my truck.  Do whatever you gotta do.  The truck is just a material possession.  Freedom is something so much more than that.  So, take my possessions, put me in jail, sue me ... do whatever you gotta do. 

Would that courage such as his be contagious. 

Clifford C.  Nichols is an attorney and the author of A Barrister's Tales and The Declaration of Liberty (2021 A.D.) and a contributing editor at The Declaration Report.  A former research associate at The Heritage Foundation, he is a graduate of UCLA and Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law.

Image via Pxhere.

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