What do you have to do to get fired from Joe Biden's Cabinet?

Outside Cirque de Soleil, there's no bigger collection of clowns than the members of Joe Biden's Cabinet.  It's one thing to have a mental defective for president, quite another to have a bunch of left-wing ideologues with little real-world experience as Sleepy Joe's support group.

Be that as it may, when the Schiff hits the White House fan — as it does for all presidents at some point — one or more Cabinet members are typically let go to soothe the herd.  Some pretense of caring about the little people is necessary, even for Big Government Democrats.

Considering the absolute Schiff-storm our country has endured since Clueless Joe first wandered into the Oval Office, I wondered which of his Cabinet clowns would be the first to get canned.

Would it be Lloyd Austin, the secretary of Defense, who oversaw America's disastrous and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan?

Maybe Miguel Cardona, secretary of Education, who helped concoct the plan to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists?

Or perhaps the attorney general, Merrick Garland, who planned to sic the FBI on those terroristic moms and dads until he was found out?

Might the first one fired be Pete Buttigieg, secretary of Transportation, who was home playing daddy for a couple of months while ships queued up off the coast of California and empty store shelves became a common sight?

How about the honcho of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who assured Americans that their southern border was secure, even as record numbers of illegal aliens, drugs, guns, terrorists, and human traffickers all poured across our purposely unenforced border?

Could the first head to roll belong to Tony Blinken, our secretary of State, who managed to seriously tick off our NATO ally France by secretly undercutting its multi-billion-dollar deal to sell submarines to Australia?

Jennifer Granholm, secretary of Energy, certainly qualifies.  During a televised interview, Granholm broke out in laughter when asked her plan for boosting U.S. oil production, calling the question "hilarious."

Might the first Cabinet casualty be Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra, whom even Democrats accuse of being totally out to lunch during the abysmal government handling of COVID-19?

So many worthy candidates for pink slips.  Yet the first clown to get unceremoniously dumped from the Brandon Cabinet turned out to be Eric Lander, secretary of Science and Technology.  His unforgivable sin?

He said things that were mean and disrespectful to his staff.

That's it.

Secretary Lander went bye-bye for being mean.

Does anything illustrate the immoral, illogical, and pathological nature of liberalism better than this?

You can leave billions of dollars of weaponry in enemy hands, cause millions of Americans to be devastated by arbitrary and useless COVID-19 policy, lose a historic ally, laugh at the high price of gasoline, sic the FBI on parents of schoolkids, play with a baby while the supply chain gets tangled up in knots — this you can do and still have a job in the Brandon Cabinet.

But speak to your employees the wrong way, and you get the ax.

Thank God the world was still sane when I was a boss!

Image: White House.

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