Unaddressed issues corrode America like battery acid

These days, when it comes to news reports about issues that matter, a lot falls through the cracks.  A slightly exaggerated analogy would be hearing on Friday night (because that's when the big stories always drop) that two U.S. cities were nuked, but, as of Monday, the media still said nothing about which cities or by whom.  They have nothing to offer about something one might be more than passingly curious about.  This is certainly true of Durham's latest news offering ("Internet Company-1," "University," etc.), but it is also true of a variety of other somewhat momentous recent developments.  Here are just a few.

One: Currently, the top story must be Durham's little bombs about spying on Trump Tower, Trump's apartment, and the White House.  Do you think we will ever know the full story concerning "Internet Company-1" and unnamed "University" in Durham's investigation?  More importantly, I'm exceedingly curious as to why those people and entities who were the subjects of illegal spying are suing in civil court (for very large sums) for gross violation of their civil rights.  (Nick Sandmann, feel free to chime in here.)

Two: Has anyone ever heard of any good data out there showing whether there has been a significant decrease in fertility/birth rates since the COVID vaccines came into wide use (or the COVID virus started spreading)?  I can't think why there necessarily should be, but the question irritatingly and ominously keeps surfacing out there.

Three: I've been totally perplexed why the governments of India, Italy, and Brazil (as three countries rather hard hit with COVID) have not sued China and (sadly) the U.S. National Institutes of Health (or at least Eco Health Alliance), in the World Court for the genocide done to their people due to the generation of a coronavirus with increased pathogenicity that came to be known as SARS-CoV-2.

Image: Questions by pikisuperstar.  Freepik license.

Four: Has anyone ever reported to us what the major funding sources are for Antifa?  Where did the money come from for all those pallets of bricks and incendiaries?  More seriously, who paid for the transportation, housing, and meals to support all those (unemployed) revolutionaries in the violent summer of 2020?  Where is "follow the money" here?  FBI, hello?

Five: How can it be that American citizens who behaved badly on January 6 (yet killed no one and burned nothing down) are still in jail (and sometimes solitary) a year after their arrest?  On what basis do you hold average-Joe citizens for such a long period without trial?  In the USA, moreover?  Aside from Representatives Gaetz, Greene. and Gohmert, where is the outcry from Republicans?  Does anyone in authority care about these people and their families?

Six: Given the hue and cry that is alleged man-made global warming, do data exist from NASA that solar output reaching the Earth has fluctuated over the last 40 years?  I notice that, in the global warming mania, no one ever discusses solar output — seemingly the elephant in the room.  Maybe someone should.

If solar output is varying (or the solar system is entering or coming out of one of the galaxy's myriad dust lanes), is there a correlation with any longer-term surface temperature changes?  We do have the technology up there.  Did the medieval "Mini Ice Age" correlate with increased atmospheric CO2?  (That could be determined from Antarctic ice; we have that technology, too.)

Seven: Will we ever know who really took down TWA-800?  Why did the FBI suddenly and forcefully take over a crash investigation from the NTSB that purportedly was simply due to mechanical causes? What did all those people on the Long Island beaches see arcing into the sky that night?  Was this perhaps where the co-opting of the FBI really gathered steam?

Eight: Was it really Mark Zuckerberg who was found in the UFO wreckage in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1950s?  Do all aliens lack a personality?

I'd be incredibly happy if just one of the above questions were answered at any point in my lifetime.  That we don't demand answers to all eight (well, maybe 1 through 7) unfortunately speaks volumes about us.  That our leadership keep us in the dark speaks volumes about them.  Our freedom is wrapped up in the answers.

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