Tyrant Trudeau shows his true colors

Like most liberal poster boys, Justin Trudeau's claim to fame wasn't based on his record or his talents.  It was instead based on a famous father, virtue-signaling, and being a subscriber to groupthink.

From climate change conferences to marches for abortion, LGBT, and even BLM, Trudeau was always an eager participant, playing the part of a "nice guy" before slobbering media personnel and cameras. 

But real nice guys don't feel any need to make a spectacle of their niceties.  For them, the act of kindness itself is the reward.  When an individual such as Trudeau dedicates most of his energy to the act, it is because he wants to conceal his hollowness. 

Like most method actors, Trudeau eventually became a caricature of himself. 

Trudeau once urged a woman asking him a question at a town hall event to say "peoplekind," not "mankind."  Alas for him, the act backfired — he was accused of mansplaining.

When he wasn't mansplaining, he played the part of an Indian folk dancer.

The goal was to project a sensitive, kind, boundlessly compassionate, and unrelentingly empathetic gent.

A bit of digging into his past proves otherwise. 

On three occasions, Justin was photographed in blackface.  Trudeau also expressed a fondness for evil totalitarians such as Fidel Castro and the Chinese Communist Party.

During his one-to-one meeting with President Trump in 2019, during a NATO conference, he was subservient like a dutiful schoolboy.  Moments later, he was heard gossiping behind Trump's back about Trump's extended press conference.

Besides his pettiness and weakness that compelled him to indulge in backbiting, the remarks showed his mindset.  Despite his claim to be a proponent of Democratic values, Trudeau regards the press as an inferior species.  He cannot fathom why anybody would dedicate his time to answering questions from the press.

Well, Trudeau recently made an ample demonstration that he isn't the fervent supporter of democracy that he claims to be.

Trudeau was among the world leaders who used COVID-19 as a pretext to impose severe restrictions and mandates on the people of Canada.

When truckers staged a protest in Canada's capital of Ottawa against Trudeau's vaccine mandates, you would expect Mr. Nice Guy to meet with the representative of the truckers and negotiate a reasonable settlement.  Perhaps even send them food and warm clothes as a mark of respect for their rights to protest.

But instead, Justin fled the capital and rushed to a safe house. 

He then led a sustained campaign of demonization of the truckers.

The truckers were called White supremacists and racists among other pejorative terms.  Trudeau has used similar terms for people skeptical about vaccines.  The protest was called a blockade and an occupation.  Trudeau has used these words in each of his utterances about the protest.

Chrystia Freeland, former journalist and Trudeau's deputy, is a willing participant in the strangulation of democracy.  Perhaps Freeland and her husband, who works for the New York Times, were architects of the Goebbelsian media campaign against the protests.

The media relentlessly claimed it was a "giddy terrifying siege," where protesters were harassing citizens, throwing rocks at ambulances, forcing business closures, and using racist slurs.  They claimed that children were being used as shields.  On television, every visual of the protests was accompanied by the noise of relentless blaring horns which they claim all through the night.  There also were reported Nazis and Confederate flags being waved.

The demonization caused dehumanization gave them a reason to crack down on the movement.

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act that has never been used before in Canada's history.  The law grants Trudeau with power to prohibit public assembly, travel and restrict the use of specific properties.  Trudeau could compel private businesses such as tow truck services to forcibly remove the trucks.  It places restrictions on the media.  It also grants permission to use the military, which Trudeau hasn't ruled out, maintaining that it would be "a last resort."

Trudeau's police seized fuel from the trucks and even impounded some vehicles.

They knew that funding is the lifeblood of the campaign, hence they colluded with Big Tech to facilitate the blocking of funds.  Bank accounts of individuals associated with the protest were frozen.

The protesters have raised more than $9.6 million on their GoFundMe.  GoFundMe withheld the money, citing police reports of violence.

When another fundraising site, GiveSendGo, was chosen, information about the donors was leaked by hackers.  This leaked personal information of the donors was published by the likes of The Washington Post.  Even Twitter allowed the information to be shared.  Small donors were harassed and even compelled to shut down their businesses following harassment.

When Trudeau's political opponents (including a Jewish woman) questioned him about his draconian methods, Trudeau tarred her as associated with swastika-wavers.

Finally, the organizers of the protest, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich, were arrested.

On Thursday, the Ottawa Police had ordered the protesters to leave or face arrest.  Media have been asked to stay away from areas or face arrests.  Police also set up approximately 100 checkpoints around the secured area.

If that doesn't work, Trudeau may even send his minions to infiltrate the protests and cause violence in order to give him more pretext to apply force.

In just a few days, Trudeau has transformed Canada into North Korea by assiduously following the user's manual for tyrants.

The Biden administration has been scant in its criticism of Trudeau, perhaps because they may be weighing following Trudeau's footsteps in the U.S. in near future.

The result of Trudeau's act of empathy and compassion ceases to work.  Even his media cheerleaders are recognizing this.  When one claims to be empathetic, it involves empathy for critics and an understanding of their criticisms. 

Trudeau's pledges of standing for the working class and the downtrodden seem hollow.  He seems to have forgotten that, at the height of the pandemic, truckers risked their lives and abandoned their families to deliver essential commodities to everybody.

Trudeau's instinct to avoid dialogue, and designating protesters as adversaries, has been an eye-opener for all.  Trudeau probably thinks all protesters are right-wingers; hence, his actions are endorsed by his liberal voters.

Living for prolonged periods in his ivory tower has probably caused Trudeau to forget that most of "peoplekind" abhor mandates and love freedom.  Vaccine skeptics exist across the ideological spectrum due to "experts" such as Fauci frequently changing claims about the vaccine and tyrants such as Trudeau mandating them.  Trudeau's actions will be remembered the next time they go to the voting booth.

The likes of Trudeau's charade of empathy and compassion may con voters during times of peace and prosperity.  It is easy to make speeches, participate in marches, and smile before the camera to win over people because the administration is run by bureaucrats.

But in extraordinary tough times such as these, people look to their leaders to be smart, resourceful, and adaptable and to apply their common sense. 

Trudeau has been a catastrophe.  Worse, he has proved to be a cowardly tyrant.  Hopefully, voters beyond Canada are learning that behind nearly every liberal virtue-signaling and perpetually smiling charlatan, there usually is an evil tyrant.

Photo credit: Rumble video screen grab.

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