Turns out Joe Biden abandoned 9,000 Americans to the Taliban in his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

After Joe Biden, Tony Blinken, and other Biden administration officials blithely assured that the number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan in the chaotic U.S. pullout was minuscule, just a minor rounding error, Congress has come up with a more accurate figure.

According to the Daily Caller:

  • As many as 9,000 American citizens were left in Afghanistan when the U.S. military withdrew from the country Aug. 31, according to a report released Thursday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • In public statements, Biden administration officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, claimed that only 100-150 Americans remained in Afghanistan and had contacted the U.S. government with a desire to leave. The State Department and Defense Department officials stuck to that number, even as the government publicly admitted that large numbers of American citizens were still leaving the country.
  • The report, signed by Foreign Relations ranking member Jim Risch of Idaho, reveals that State Department officials believed that between 10,000 and 15,000 Americans were in Afghanistan as late as Aug. 17. In the next two weeks, only 6,000 Americans were able to escape the country ahead of the Taliban takeover. In testimony in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, however, Blinken claimed that “approximately 100-150 remained in Afghanistan who still wished to depart.”

That's a bona fide scandal because Biden and his administraton obsessively assured Americans that virtually no American was left behind. He said that, of course, in order to get the issue off the front pages.

We completed one of the biggest airlifts in history. With more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety, that number is more than double what most experts thought was possible. No nation – no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history,” Biden said in a speech marking the final withdrawal of American forces and embassy officials.

“The bottom line: 90% of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave,” he added.

Ninety percent? It was more like maybe 1% while a huge number of the 120,000 people brought in instead were reportedly bounders and migrants who couldn't qualify for a U.S. visa otherwise - criminals, terrorists, chiselers, perverts. The whole claim was a lie, the whole airlift was astroturf, and Joe says he has no regrets about the pullout and will "make no apologies" -- not even about this.

Optics first and too bad about the abandoned Americans left to fend for themselves among the barbarians.

He might as well have turned tail and skipped the airlift entirely for all the good it did -- if he had done that, it would have been cheaper and less hazardous to the mainland American public, yet brought the abandoned Americans the same result. But he didn't. He launched a multimillion-dollar pullout at Kabul airport that left 13 U.S. service members dead, and after that told the public that the job was all done and almost everyone who needed to get out got out.

This news comes hot on the heels of an Axios report which found documents showing that the Biden team didn't even get started on figuring out a plan for evacuating Afghan refugees, translators, and collaborators until the Taliban had breached the gates of Kabul and was parading around in stolen American military vehicles, waving their crummy flags. Americans themselves in a sane world would and should have been a higher priority, but the only plan in place for those U.S. nationals was to gaslight the public about some sort of phony mission accomplished and then let Joe crow about his absence of regrets.

It's a scandal of epic proportions, brought on in part by a media that was all too happy to take this sorry issue off the front pages and the top of the hour broadcasts, and let Joe slide on it, as he went on to mess up the country in other ways. It ought to be on the front pages now, but instead, it's buried news.

The blame itself belongs to Joe Biden who ought to be impeached for this dereliction of duty and attempted cover-up. The Senate now has the goods on Biden's dishonesty and gaslightings that have left thousands of Americans in mortal peril. It should be grounds for throwing this clown out come 2022 and 2024. No civilized nation abandons its nationals to monsters.

Image: Screen shot from BBC video, via YouTube

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