Time for America to cry the battle cry of freedom again

During the American Civil War, one of the most popular battle songs sung by the Union was called, "The Battle Cry of Freedom."  The opening to the chorus of the song begins, "The Union forever, hurrah!  Boys, hurrah!  Down with the traitors, up with the stars; while we rally round the flag, boys, rally once again, shouting the battle cry of freedom."  This was sung by men who were fighting to end slavery, preserve the American Union, and maintain liberty for all throughout the land.

Well, while the federal government has stopped short of putting the American people in physical bondage, it and its allies have nonetheless put us in a kind of mental bondage with their coordinated attacks on freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the First Amendment generally.  The Biden administration  and its allies in the tech industry, academia, big business, and entertainment are the traitors of our modern times, and they have launched an assault on the First Amendment unparalleled since the Sedition Act of 1918

They have, together, implemented a kind of speech code on the American people — that is, "wokism" — and they have instituted a set of penalties or punishments if anyone happens to violate these rules of political correctness, known as "cancel culture."  Thus, while it is not (yet) codified law, the "woke" system is, in essence, a parallel "justice system" which the left has established in America based on a set of de facto laws of political correctness.  What's worse, the left has made sure that there is no trial by jury in the court of public opinion by the press.  Whenever the leftist judges of wokism find someone guilty of violating their speech codes, they issue an immediate "guilty" verdict, without a second thought, and usually sentence his character and reputation to death. 

This is how tyranny comes: not through physical force (that comes later, after the power is acquired), but through mental force, compelling the people through propaganda and brainwashing, or just intimidation like threats of violence, to comply with the laws, policies, and regulations of the party in power. 

This year may be the last opportunity for the silent majority of America to save the republic from the tyrannical, authoritarian grip that the left has on it and to make their voices heard, before the Democrat party silences any and all opposition to the left or its agenda.  In today's society, you can be ruined for simply contradicting the left-wing narrative or agenda of many colleges and universities, the mainstream media, big business, Big Tech, and especially Democrats in Washington.

Make the 2022 midterm election the silent majority's battle cry of freedom.  Make sure you vote, and remind all of your friends, neighbors, and family members to vote.  And, importantly, if you know any moderate Democrats who are not part of the Marxist, totalitarian cabal mentioned earlier, or who secretly disagree with it but are afraid to step out of line or deviate from the American Communist Party's (Democrats') ideology for fear of "cancelation," then do your best to convince them to vote a straight Republican tickets in 2022 and 2024.  Remind them that, while they may not agree with Republicans on every issue, if they value the First Amendment liberties afforded to them by the constitution and they reject the teachings of the Marxist identity, environment, and censorship cult that is running the culture and government right now, then they must vote Republican, just so their freedom of speech can be preserved.  

If you have a child or grandchild you know who is going to a public school, and the school allows boys to use a girl's bathroom, or it compels its students to use "preferred pronouns," or it teaches kids that America is fundamentally and systemically racist, with threat of suspension or expulsion for expressing concern, disagreement, or righteous indignation to these policies, or the parent notices that his bright child is starting to get bad grades because a teacher is artificially lowering his grades because the teacher disagrees with the child's politics his parents', then you must advocate for that child's removal from the school.  That school does not respect freedom of speech and is part of the evil cabal of leftists suppressing the First Amendment in this country.  If you find you have to do this, put your child into a safe haven public school alternative: charter school or private school.  If you do not have a charter school in your area and cannot afford private school, seriously consider looking into options to charter your own school.  If you know any wealthy donors willing to fund or charter a school, make the case as to why they should.  Perhaps you or someone you know is a disaffected public school teacher who is fed up with the direction the public school system is going.  If this is the case, get other disaffected teachers or even the community to pitch in and charter a school themselves if no wealthy donors can be found.  

If the company you work for is part of the Marxist cult of wokism trying to destroy the First Amendment, then you may want to consider finding employment elsewhere if possible, and convince similarly disaffected co-workers to join you in a mass resignation.  Boycott products produced by companies saying things like "we are going carbon neutral by 2030" or "we are fighting racial injustice, inequity, and systemic racism."  Just do not buy their products.  Help take a massive cut out of their bottom line and reduce their profits.  They will get the hint when they start losing millions of dollars.

Remember that if the company you work for starts implementing and enforcing a strict speech code, then H.R. can't handle hundreds of cases at a time, and the company can't fire all of you for exercising your free speech rights.  So, next time you see a "Black Lives Matter" sign adorning the front of the building where an American flag should be, speak out, vociferously and publicly, about it.  

And, most importantly, stop censoring yourself.  The left has no real power over you or anyone else in this country.  Leftists' power is illusory.  Sure, when you exercise your freedom of speech, they will call you a "bigot" or accuse you of using "hate speech" or being all kinds of "-phobes" and "-isms" or even spreading "mis- and dis- information," but why should you or anyone else in the silent majority care what the left thinks of you?  They are craven, and the only reason they have power is because we let them.

Take their power away from them.  Cry the battle cry of freedom.  Make 2022 the Gettysburg, the turning point, of the culture war and the American majority's struggle to preserve the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Do not cave to the left-wing mob, do not acquiesce to their politically correct demands, stand your ground firmly on the First Amendment, and tell others to do the same.

Above all, never, ever apologize to the left for anything you say.  All that does is reinforce their sense of power over you and diminish you First Amendment rights even more.

Now is the time.  Enough is enough.  It is time to crush the left's assault on the First Amendment and take back your rights, and free yourselves and society from the mental shackles that the left has put us in.

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