The soft, sweet voices of tyranny

In 2020, after George Floyd’s drug usage saw him die while in police custody, the trend I noticed was that women, especially White leftist women, were at the leading edge of hysterical craziness when it came to matters of race. Now, in 2022, it’s occurred to me that women are also at the leading edge of something else: They’re the soft, sweet voices of despotic policing.

The first time I saw it, although I didn’t note it very strongly, was in April 2021, when Pastor Pawlowski, in Canada, kicked out the police who were trying to shut down his Passover service before Easter. As you can see, while the male police officers are hanging back, they’ve put a woman in front to let Pastor Padlowski know that the police are going to get him:

We saw it again when customers in Corduroy Restaurant, a Vancouver restaurant, kicked out health inspectors. The original video is no longer available, but I seem to remember it was the woman who did the speaking, initially.

Then, just this past December, a woman who was forced into one of Australia’s COVID gulags was told that she would receive a $5,000 fine if she stepped off her balcony without a mask. A man is doing the speaking, but he’s got two women to back him up:

Most recently, there’s this perky, soft-voiced little girl police officer telling a woman that, with the Canadian government having spied on her Facebook posts, they’re now issuing her a warning not to get carried away with supporting the truckers:

I know that there are other, similar, videos out there. My point is that this is tyranny with a smile, a soft, feminine smile.

Although I no longer agree with Jonah Goldberg’s politics, I still believe that his book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, is one of the best books there is to explain the leftist movement in the Western hemisphere. As the smiley face with the Hitler mustache on the book’s front cover indicates, in the West, fascism comes from an ostensible place of “love.”

Image: The new face of tyranny. Twitter screen grab.

What we’re seeing here isn’t the brute force Marxism that has the workers of the world uniting to overthrow the ruling class in a welter of blood. Our Western Marxist takeover is the mirror image. Today’s ruling class is uniting to overthrow the workers of the world—but the ruling class wants us to know that it’s doing this for our own good. It’s not the jackboot thug; it’s the loving mommy.

And what better way to illustrate this new leftist ethos—the one of the mommy making sure that her wayward working- and middle-class children toe the line—then to have smiling, soft-voiced women gently and sweetly explain that they’re spying on you, shutting down your businesses, making it illegal for you to worship God, or imprisoning you for your own good?

My feeling is that, whether totalitarianism comes in wearing jackboots or on little cat’s feet, I don’t like it and it has no place in the free world. There’s something very wrong with the world, and with what the left has done to women, when we’ve had two years of leftist women either screaming hysterically on the streets about racism or politely telling people they now live in a prison state.

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