The science has been around for a long time on the efficacy of masks

After thousands of years of viruses, the brilliant medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said masks won't do much good.

It was a long road for him — he changed his tune from saying how much good they would do to mitigate COVID, advocating even for the wearing of two masks at one point, to how little.  His admiring minions echoed him.

If the CDC, the media, power-hungry politicians, and others really wanted to see if they worked, all they would have to do is go to the New York Times and look at cases in states that require the mask vs. states that don't.

Sadly, the CDC, Fauci and most journalists don't seem to care about scientific data.

Here is information on cases in the U.S. and four states that required masks and four states that don't for when they peaked in January and where they are on Feb. 8.

United States

Jan 16th


Feb 8th


NY (Required)

Jan 9th


Feb 8th


CA (Required)

Jan 14th


Feb 8th


MI (Required)

Jan 25th


Feb 8th


IL (Required)

Jan 7th


Feb 8th


FL (Not Required)

Jan 11th


Feb 8th


TX (Not required)

Jan 14th


Feb 8th


NE (Not Required)

Jan 19th


Feb 8th


AL (Not required)

Jan 20th


Feb 8th


Cases skyrocketed throughout the country, whether or not the mask has been required, and have fallen substantially, whether or not the mask was required.  Therefore, there is no correlation that shows that a mask is a mitigating factor to prevent the virus.

A substantial percent of the public believes that the masks work because most journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, and others have indoctrinated them intentionally with misinformation.

The damage to people, especially children, mentally, physically, and financially has been immeasurable but the people peddling the misinformation will never admit that there was never any scientific data to justify the masks.

How much environmental damage has been caused by the discarded masks?  How much depression has been caused by the masks?  How much fear has been caused by the masks?

Why do we mandate vaccines or tests when the vaccines don't protect against the virus?

Why don't politicians and bureaucrats recognize natural immunity since they say everything they do is about the science and data?

Why do we test people continuously who have no symptoms?  When have we done that?

Think of how much profit has been made because so many are required to get continuous tests or so many have been scared into getting multiple tests.

Beware of Fraudulent Coronavirus Tests, Vaccines and Treatments

While we remain vigilant to protect our families and communities from COVID-19, some people might be tempted to buy or use questionable products that claim to help diagnose, treat, cure, and even prevent coronavirus disease.

Some Democrat governors obviously can read polls and are suddenly dropping the mask requirement for some.  Why are they delaying the removal of the mask requirement for weeks or months?

The media, especially social media giants, claim they block misinformation from their sites.  The problem is that they are completely confused as to who is spreading the misinformation.  Almost every Democrat governor should be blocked along with almost every journalist.  The people who have spread the most misinformation are Dr. Fauci and people at the CDC, but the media still treat their pronouncements as gospel.

How will children get their lives back to normal after all this intentional destruction?

Will journalists ever do their job and do research instead of repeating talking points to push an agenda of politicians they support?  If not, they are essentially worthless as reliable sources.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image from Public Domain Pictures, enhanced with Photoshop.

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