The root cause of Kamala's root cause is...the root cause

The president of the United States, Kamala Harris (not a typo), went south of the border to improve the lives of aliens of other nations — and, while at it, to advance the destruction of the lives of citizens north of the border.

Harris was so enamored of Honduras's and Guatemala's Root Causes that she was willing to forego the root causes of America's problems.  These are to be resolved after America was built back by speaking Spanish better than before the root causes were questioned in English.

Harris explained to her comatose fans — er, I mean audiences, between uncontrolled fits of giggles, snorts, and chuckles, that the migration of illegals, also known as undocumented Democrat voters, were not the "root causes" of the ROOT CAUSES she could not explain.

She accomplished her word salad while giggling and looking for the root causes clearly visible but left unseen in the mirror on her powder room wall.

She tried to unconfuse the complexities of it all among giggles, chuckles, incoherence, and snorts, to impress upon the world at large that she, the leader of the Free World, has it all under control.

Hers is a position for which she is so obviously well suited.  So she started to explain THE ROOT CAUSES. And again here, THE ROOT CAUSES.

The Harris-Biden administration (not a typo even a whole year later) is heavily into fixing the ROOT CAUSES they caused themselves.

Or finding the roots of the root causes.

As we watched America being overwhelmed by over two million undocumented Democrats deliberately invited by the Harris-Biden administration so the nation can better enjoy its very own root causes (even as some of the root causes from Afghanistan fell off departing planes leaving Kabul Airport), Kamala's pre-prepared talking points incoherently read off Obama's teleprompter about Root Causes now appear to be the one of the ROOT CAUSES themselves.

Apparently, President Harris never figured out that the solutions for the Root Causes were already in place along our southern border in miles of tall walls of concrete and steel.  She failed to calculate the numbers, too.  For keeping the solutions to the Root Causes would have cost the nation far less than President Kamala's repeated trips south of the border to visit the Root Causes.

Also, she didn't bother to calculate what it would cost for America to be paying ad infinitum for the Root Causes she brought back with her.

The solution was obvious from the get-go: finishing up Trump's wall would have ended the incoherent talk about Root Causes before the talk began and the Root Causes could have ended America.

The Root Causes that were already resolved on January 19, 2021, suddenly became unresolvable by January 20, 2021, the date the building of the wall that would have resolved the ROOT CAUSES permanently was stopped by executive order.

This, to make sure the ROOT CAUSES of undocumented Democrats voting twice and three times even will continue, even if belatedly President Harris and her party discovered the root causes of their defeat in November 2024.

At that point, the various root causes, along with the daily talking points about the root causes of other people's problems, may finally end.  These, too, along with the root causes of the January 6 takeover of the People's House by "Nazis" and "white supremacists" formerly called Americans who are not The People.

In THE ROOT CAUSES of THE ROOT CAUSE, Harris brilliantly explains as clearly as she's capable, why she's the president of the United States looking for Root Causes.

To the degree that Kamala's ROOT CAUSES have kept America in suspense for a whole year as the election season of 2022 began, by redefining the meaning of "is," and as we Americans finally get some relief and insight, the cited video into the Root Causes of the ROOT CAUSE will remind us all about the real Root Cause of America's problems.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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