The mullahs' regime of terror has sparked covert resistance units

Iran's religious dictatorship has stayed in power for 43 years due to its practice of unbridled domestic crackdowns.  But "Resistance Units," which arise from Iran's countless long-suffering communities, are the sledgehammers that will break the mullahs' stranglehold on the people.

The timetable for the end of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not set in stone, but the outcome is.  The Iranian people will never agree to sentence their children and grandchildren to lives of poverty, servitude, deadly purges, religious oppression, and corrupt management by a small circle of elites.  They will find a way to end this terrible chapter in their nation's history.

The Mullahs' Evil Empire

The religious dictatorship has, over decades, built up dozens of intelligence networks and military and security institutions.  A main purpose of these entities is to keep fear alive throughout Iranian society.  The mullahs seek to send the message that their regime is invincible and no internal or external force can defeat it.

Using proxy groups and Iran's missile program, the mullahs are expanding unrest across the Middle East even as they strike fear abroad through their extraterritorial terrorism and nuclear program.  This regime's terrorist attacks are sent as warning messages that Iran will smash any and all opposition without fear of consequences.

Even the coronavirus pandemic, through which the regime sought to lock down and ground the entire Iranian nation, did not hinder their efforts to suppress, control, impoverish, arrest, murder, and otherwise dominate the Iranian people.

Resistance Units Arise Daily

The world's largest conventional armies have been helpless against insurgencies.

Each day in parts of Iran, under the noses of thousands of overt and covert government agents and a widespread network of surveillance cameras, groups of brave youths are mobilizing.  These Resistance Units are the driving force behind Iran's nationwide uprisings.  Their bold efforts, large and small, are bringing the nation to the verge of a crisis that can bring an end to the regime's suffocating rule.

Through the Resistance Units' measures, they're sending a message to Iranian society and the international community that this regime is loathed by the Iranian people.  They are saying this malevolent state, with all its technology and advanced weaponry, may imprison, torture, and execute us, but it can no longer strike fear in our hearts.  The Resistance Units are saying: "This regime has to go, and it will go!"

The Resistance Unit network is now five years in the making.  Thousands of young Iranians are active in many cities, towns, and villages across the country.  They are planting ideas for change and resisting the regime's forces in markets, schools, and at their workplaces.  Wherever there is potential for dissent, these activists are there to encourage the people to rise against the regime.  They use social media platforms to inform the broader public.

Today, they even carry out their measures in broad daylight, encouraging people to rise up against the mullahs' rule.  Each measure by a Resistance Unit plants the seeds of courage into the hearts of hundreds of people.  Each measure is a severe blow to this regime's lifespan.  The courage of the Resistance Unit members is unfathomable as many pay the ultimate price for their efforts to free Iran from its government tormentors.

So far, the ruling regime has arrested a large number of Resistance Unit members and put many of them to torture.  The regime has issued death sentences for some, some were killed during the November 2019 uprising, and some were murdered last year when the regime's security forces opened fire on unarmed protesters.

However, the number of youths who join the Resistance Units is far greater than the setbacks inflicted upon them by the regime.  Their numbers still increase by the day.

Change Will Be Brought by Iran's People

Due to the widespread cruelty of the past few decades, Iran's regime has left the Iranian people no choice but to push back hard.  Resistance Unit members have nothing to lose.  The alternative for Iran's younger generation is to live, work, and die in abject poverty and oppression.  

Change is, therefore, a duty that rests on the shoulders of the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

People may ask about foreign intervention.  Tragically, what the Iranian people have seen so far has been an appeasement policy.  Various countries have unbelievably provided concessions to this murderous regime, thus playing a very important role in the survival of the mullahs' rule.

Moreover, if one looks for the world's response to all the regime's human rights atrocities, executions, forced disappearances of political prisoners, placing prisoners under extreme torture (such as the recent example of poet/filmmaker Baktash Abtin), what has been the international community's response?  Their verbal condemnations have been so soft and weak that they're actually emboldening the regime.  If the European Union, at least in general, abided by its own human rights principles, it should have suspended any and all relations with the Tehran regime and banned the regime's officials from traveling to Europe

This is also true regarding the regime's blatant terrorism.  A regime diplomat transferred a bomb in his luggage on a passenger plane to Austria and handed it over to the regime's agents himself, and a court sentenced him to 20 years behind bars.  Yet in the sphere of politics, the regime has not faced any consequences.

The people of Iran hope that the global community will one day stand firm against this evil regime and help bring it to an end.  But the Iranian people are not going to sit and wait for help.

The Shah's dictatorship, despite enjoying full support from the West and regional countries and having a strong army and secret police, could not prevent the Iranian people's revolution in 1979.  It matters not how large the regime's oppressive forces are.  What is important is the fact that weapons and technology cannot overcome an organized force that relies on its people and has a legitimate objective.  Such an entity is able to expand, and nothing can stand in its path.

Therefore, the freedom-loving people of Iran have every right to be hopeful and not have any fear.  The Resistance Units' message to the world is, don't fear this regime, and stand firm against it.  Borrowing this line from the brave protesters inside Iran, we say to all outside Iran: Have no fear!  The Iranian people are united against this regime!

Graphic credit: johnhain, Pixabay license.

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