The electric vehicle plot

The Democrats have set in motion a plan to spend $5 billion over the next five years to build electric vehicle (E.V.) charging stations across America.  One of the goals behind that plan is to herd everyone into the cities, where E.V. works best and where people can be more easily controlled.  Indeed, you can see from the funding that rural states with wide-open spaces receive much less.

The second purpose of E.V.s is to pump electric utility investment.  Several years ago, the electric utilities and the greens got together in a smokeless room and made a deal.  The greens pledged to support more electric utility investment if the utilities would support the green agenda.  (Some utilities drag their feet a bit, but the vast majority are fully on board.)  That included E.V., solar, wind, energy efficiency, gasless stovetop cooking, electric heating, meatless burgers, and you name it.

Without the additional green stimulus to electricity investment, the utility business was in a dead growth period projected to extend to 2050.  Now, I wonder why the states that have proposed zero-carbon electric generation pick 2050 as the target...

The electric utilities and the greens are closely tied in their efforts in D.C., but also at the state level through lobbying public service commissions.  As in D.C., the revolving door from regulatory commissions to lobbying is very much alive at the state level.  Furthermore, the utilities generally write the regulatory rules in the state legislatures, and the greens are very well funded and influential as well.

At a time when "Let's Go Brandon" sweeps the country, even conservative states are salivating at the enormous funding flowing from D.C. in multiple areas.  They are willing to ignore "bad Joe" as long as "good Joe" continues to write those checks.  This may explain why the Rasmussen Poll will not fall below 40% approval even in the face of a very bad Joe.

Image: Electric vehicle charger by frimufilms.

The states are awash in money to a degree that they cannot efficiently allocate it.  But that is the definition of government — inefficiency.  For a small government, some inefficiency is acceptable.  For a large government, it cripples the country.  As with Katrina funding, we will be cleaning up the stolen money corruption for decades.

In almost every program out of D.C., the perpetrators say that only government can solve the problem.  They enlist the states to promote their agenda through state agencies created to be extensions of D.C.  So when you are counting federal employment, you need to add state employment tied to federal funding.

Ask this question: if E.V.s are such a great idea, why is it necessary for the government to promote charging stations on a national basis?  Why can't the market deal with this?  The answer is that the market is not there.  What we will end up with is abandoned charging stations littering the countryside in the long run.

How to stop D.C. craziness in this situation and multiple other cases?  The sane states must decline the funding and then go to the courts in a vigorous and concerted effort to resist.

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